ANAREAustralian National Antarctic Research Expeditions
ANAREAustralian National Antarctic Research Establishment
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However, it was women who felt they had been too critical of the ANARE operation and of fellow expeditions, as well as some who feared that my account would be "too feminist," who were wary of talking and heavily edited their transcripts.
16) At a personal level, and given the close community in Australia of people who have been to Antarctica with ANARE, I have been pleased to have opportunities to contribute to station management ideas about women, sexual harassment and its abolition, field training and science briefing, and it has seemed appropriate and personally satisfying to be able to find an outlet for specific aspects of my findings.
911: I am extremely grateful to ASAC, ANARE, the Antarctic Division and all at Casey station during the summer of 1995/6, particularly the two project groups with whom I worked, for the opportunity to undertake fieldwork in Antarctica.