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ANASAAssociation of Nursing Agencies of South Africa
ANASAAction Network Advisory on Small Arms (Lusaka, Zambia)
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Die verteenwoordigers by hierdie werkswinkels het uit verpleegagentskapbestuurders (N=22) bestaan wat lede van ANASA is en hul vergaderings bygewoon het.
Although standards for nursing agencies had been formulated and published (Coetzee & Muller, 1995:17-25), the members of ANASA were of the opinion that, in the light of transformation in South Africa, the process had to be initiated again to ensure ownership of these standards by all the stakeholders.
The final set of standards were exposed to representatives at a stakeholder workshop to include members of ANASA, the regulatory body, panel members, nurse academics and the nursing service managers contracting nursing agencies to represent the client.
An initial exploratory meeting was held between the researcher/consultant and members (N=25) of ANASA in November 1999.
Tequilla Banks, Executive Director, Teacher Effectiveness Initiative John Barker, Executive Director, Department of Research, Evaluation, Assessment and Student Information Ken Foster, MEA Executive Director Anasa Franklin, Measures of Effective Teaching Project Irving Hamer, Deputy Superintendent Tomeka Hart, MCS Board of Commissioners Monica Jordan, Measures of Effective Teaching Project Keith Williams, MEA President
Similarly, other pests, for example the squash bug, Anasa tristis (DeGeer), and the American palm cixiid, Myndus crudus Van Duzee, are favored by the use of organic mulches (Howard & Oropeza 1998; Cranshaw et al.
Other recommendations just prior to the 10,000th included a Swedish masseuse (Deep Swedish Massage By Jenn in the East Bay), a pizza parlor (Patxi's in Palo Alto), a chocolate retailer (Cacao Anasa Luxury Chocolates in San Francisco) and an electrical contractor (New Century Electric in Oakland).