ANASTAdvanced Network Applications, Services and Technologies Program (CANARIE Inc.; Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
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Parameters Group A (reconstruction patients with more than one HV anast.) (n = 16) Cold ischemia time Mean = 68.75 (35-130) Warm ischemia time Mean = 57.875 (30-80) HV anastomosis time/min.
anast. Graz 1960, 934]: <<Discipulus: Declarasti secundum opinionem praescriptam duo quae videbantur obscura: nunc dic qualiter, secundum eandem rationem "Romani" ex iure divino habent ius eligendi summum pontificem.
Anast is the founder of Biomedical Market Newsletter, Inc.
Cocuklarin anast, es, arkadas clock kadin, cinsel tatminsizlikleriyle kadin.
Anast, updating readers on important issues in the medical marketplace, This month's column was particularly disturbing and relevant to the readers of Surgical Products as well, so I thought you would be interested in hearing a synopsis.
The homeowners turned to Pamela Anast, co-owner of the Sarasota Collection Home Store in downtown Sarasota's Rosemary District, to develop the monochromatic look they envisioned.
Dimitri Anast, Aloha, d Jackson Martin, Sprague, 6-4, 6-2.
Eine Untersuchung zur kirchlichen Rechtsgeschichte mit besonderer Berucksichtigung der Anschauungen Rudolph Sohms (Kanonistische Studien und Texte 4), Bonn 1930, reimpr, anast. Amsterdam 1963, pp.
Anast (1967) was the first to look at film genre and how it relates to film attendance.
Contract notice: project management competition on "sketch +" to the realization of a multi-purpose sports hall, a dojo and football changing rooms on site Calypso sports complex in Val d'Anast