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ANATAAustralian National Art Therapy Association (Australia)
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Meanwhile, Israeli police arrested a 21-year-old after raiding his home in the village of Anata, northeast of Al-Quds city (Jerusalem), which lead to confrontations with the residents.
Nasser Jubran, a representative of the families of the dead and injured children and a member of the Al Salam Committee of Anata, told Gulf News that three more victims have been declared clinically dead.
By contrast, in Anata over six years ago, I experienced an unmediated encounter with Palestinians who were my equals, people who I had previously thought of as suspicious and different.
Abbas Khabhasi, Electrosteel`s Sales Manager, said: "We are looking for dealers to sell our domestic brand of refrigerators and freezers in the UAE and other Gulf countries." Azadeh GhorbanZadeh, Export Manager of Anata, a food and confectionary company under the Nejati Industrial Group, said: " We are keen to start business in the UAE, a gateway to the African market.
As the crowd waits to receive Chief the Honorable M.A Nanga, at Anata Grammar School, the narrator addresses the villagers as " silly ignorant villagers dancing themselves lame" (2) On the same page he calls them "poor contemptible people" Much later during Nanga's inaugural campaign meeting at Anata, the audience is referred to as " This vast contemptible crowd" (138) If there is a reason for the narrator to characterize the masses in such negative terms we hardly see any of the evidence in the course of the story.
Aa Like his chief rival for the mayoralty, he has promised to build a new Jewish neighbourhood, called Eastern Gate, that will be home to at least 10,000 settlers on land next to the Palestinian neighbourhood of Anata. Aa The move, much like the eviction of the Khurds, has been greeted with silence from the government.
As mentioned in the review, ten-year-old Abir Aramin was shot holding her sister's hand as they walked home from school in Anata, East Jerusalem in January 2007.
His daughter Abir Aramin, age 10, had been killed in Anata by an Israeli rubber bullet aimed at rioters whose path she'd crossed.
Her parents, Bassam and Salwa and a group called 'Combatants for Peace' including both Palestinians and Israelis, are now building "Abir's Garden", a playground in memory of their daughter, on the immediate Palestinian side of the separation wall near the village of Anata. What has become of the coast girl?