ANAVAsociación Nuclear Asco-Vandellos (Spanish: Asco-Vandellos Nuclear Association)
ANAVAssociazione Nazionale Autotrasporto Viaggiatori (Italian: National Association of Road Passengers; Rome, Italy; passenger rights)
ANAVAdjusted Net Asset Value
ANAVAssistant Navigator (United States Navy)
ANAVAccurate Navigation
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Nursing service for the occupational health and safety service of anav.
More work is required to understand these results; however, it is clear that [O.sub.2] and C[O.sub.2] provide a more powerful constraint together than either gas does alone, possibly enabling better evaluation of divergent Earth system model simulations (Anav et al.
La discrecionalidad con que la Federacion Mexicana de Futbol (FMF) asigno a siete agencias los boletos de los partidos de Mexico durante el Mundial obligara a que la Asociacion Nacional de Agencias de Viajes (ANAV) solicite la intervencion del Poder Legislativo con el fin de que el titular de la FMF, Alberto de la Torre, comparezca para explicar los criterios que dejaron a casi 300 agencias sin acceso a los tickets.
The Italian association ANAV (Associazione Nazionale Autotrasporto Viaggiatori), which represents passenger transport service operators, applied to the courts for annulment of the Bari decision arguing that it constituted an infringement of EU law and, in particular, of Articles 43, 49 and 86 of the Treaty on transparency and competition.
The scribe and the vocalizer (nakdan) of the manuscript were members of the famous Anav family of Rome's ancient Jewish community, which produced a line of authors, poets and rabbis.
En linea con esta orientacion consolidada, tambien se establecio a nivel europeo la idea de que no puede ser calificada como interna una empresa cuyo capital, aunque solo potencialmente, esta abierto a la participacion futura privada (sentencia de 6 de abril de 2006, asunto C-410/04, ANAV, apdos.
In addition, the ANAV case law states that these competition rules have to apply and that the existence of exceptional circumstances must be proven in order to derogate from them.
The proposal currently under discussion does not take into consideration the overall case law on the subject: the Teckal judgement is not the only one relevant to in house' contracts; it would be interesting to take into account the ANAV judgement (6 April 2006), which reads as follows: "26.
(5)see also the Court's judgment of 10 April 2006, Anav, c-410/04, see Europolitics N[degrees]3062
The case (C-410/04) was referred by a court in Italy after transport service provider ANAV complained when the Bari municipality gave a public transport contract to AMTAB, which is 100% owned by the Bari municipality.