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The report is compiled by Mr Josiah Ojwang, Dr Dennis Bahati and Mr Sebastian Mwanza from ANAW and Mr Bernard Atsiaya of Kenya Society for the Protection and Care of Animals.
Serengeti Watch has raised funds to give a substantial grant to ANAW to help in the legal costs.
Authors of the time such as Kalonymos ben Kalonymos and Zedikiah Anaw described Roman Jewish holiday banquet tables filled with game, both hoofed and feathered, roasted with or without goose fat, stuffed into pies or served in vinegar with mint and cloves, along with lamb, duck, capons and baby goat.
Ihave taught my 22-month-old son Zein to say "and an ingin ane anaw".
Same hing's happenin' in England anaw. Even ootside o' London everybody's startin' tae sound like an extra fae EastEnders.