ANBERDAnalytical Business Enterprise Research and Development
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The data were taken from the OECD databases ANBERD and STAN and the IMF database IFS.
8 Sources: Considine, Marginson and Sheehan (2001), using estimates based on ANBERD Database (OECD, 2000b); Education at a Glance (OECD 2000a); unpublished software estimates based on IDC data; and ABS (2000d) Research and Experimental Development, All Sector Summary, 1998.
The R&D flow data for the 14 OECD countries are taken from the ANBERD 2000 (OECD) database (DSTI/EAS Division).
Technological change is proxied by R&D expenditure as a proportion of GDP (source: OECD ANBERD database).