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ANBLPN has worked to address these concerns through the mandatory upgrading program, therefore, the impact of these barriers on LPNs will be minimized in the future.
Once the assignment is completed, it is turned in to the ANBLPN office where it will be evaluated.
The ANBLPN does have expectations regarding the outcomes of the adult physical assessment course:
* For LPNs: It is ANBLPN's expectation that LPNs will be able to identify normal verses abnormal when conducting a physical assessment.
* For employers: The ANBLPN advocates that employers support LPN practice at its full competency level within the LPN scope of practice.
* For the LPN profession: ANBLPN developed this course from an Association perspective for the purpose of promoting professional development of practical nurses and educating them to meet the national practical nurse profile.
ANBLPN, government and appropriate stakeholders as appropriate.
Planning, in partnership with the ANBLPN, began in December 2005 to
Licensed Practical Nurses (ANBLPN) in the development of the above
the document will be circulated by the ANBLPN to selected stakeholders
document will be submitted to the ANBLPN board of directors for