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There is a very big emphasis with the ANCC on nurses at the bedside having a voice, and that had to come through very loud and clear in our presentation," said Lyman.
Mallinckrodt's Respiratory Group first received accreditation from ANCC in 1993, and was commended by the commission for providing and ensuring high-quality continuing education in nursing.
to celebrate not only the signing of the collaborative agreement between ANI and ANCC, but the 10th Anniversary of the Informatics Nurse Certification, and the fact that this was the first ANCC exam to be offered in a computer-based format (in 1996).
ANCC is a subsidiary of the American Nurses Association (ANA).
The award will officially be presented next month at the ANCC Magnet conference in Miami.
ANCC established the annual Gretta Styles Scholarship for Credentialing Research in her honor, and the American Academy of Nursing named her a Living Legend.
To earn Magnet status, an organization must apply to the ANCC and undergo a rigorous evaluation.
This partnership creates a tremendous opportunity to advance the mission of ANCC by providing tangible documentation of professional achievement throughout one's nursing career; it will also provide a foundation for future specialty nursing recognition," Kenneth Dion, R.
ANCC developed the Magnet program to recognize health care organizations that provide the very best in nursing care and uphold the traditions within the nursing profession.