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(4.) The Decision issued by the Court of Cassation, on 6th July 1959 (Societe des Fourrures Renel c/ Allouche) states that "the law applicable to contracts, in respect of their conclusion, substantive conditions and effects, is the one chosen by the parties; in the absence of express statements by the parties, judges have the task to search for the law that should govern the contract, in the light of all the terms and circumstances of the case." Source: Ancel, and Lequette (2006: 298).
"Mhhh, not sure that E3 would be the best place to showcase Bg&e2 but we're working on the game so sometime this year, you should hear about it!" Ancel wrote.
In 1961, for example, Time featured physiologist Ancel Keys on its cover; inside, Keys warned consumers to stay away from saturated fats, such as lard and butter, which come from animals.
Le chercheur Ancel Keys a ete, dans les annees 50, le premier a associer le regime type mediterraneen a un faible risque cardiovasculaire.
Ten years ago: Scientist Ancel Keys, who invented the K rations eaten by soldiers in World War II and who linked high cholesterol and fatty diets to heart disease, died in Minneapolis at age 100.
"That's very ambitious, but that's driven by what the state needs," said Sarah Ancel, the agency's associate commissioner for policy and legislation.
Fashion and rock music got their share of attention on Saturday with four female fashion designers launching their designer wears at the venue and a high-octane musical by the band "Avial" and pop songs by Ancel Edwin rocking the stage.
In 1972, an American scientist, Ancel Keys, working in the area of human nutrition, public health, and epidemiology, renamed it the BMI after finding that its values also correlated with body fat mass as derived from skin-fold or body-density measurements.
Ancel Keys) concluded that cardiovascular risk could be reduced by cutting overall dietary fat to 30 percent of total energy and, more specifically, cutting saturated fat to 10 percent.
Pavel e Paul Ancel, mas estas nao foram suas primeiras investidas na traducao: na Bucovina, ele ja havia traduzido para o romeno textos de Karl Marx, publicados em uma revista estudantil, e tambem manteve vinculo como tradutor com um jornal ucraniano.