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En nuestra observacion tuvimos un gemelo amorfo, uno acefalo y uno anceps (tabla 2).
anceps at all stages of maturity, whereas the highest NDF digestibility and lower CH4 emission was observed for P.
Plants which were entirely valued as NTFPs included Raphia hookeri (palm wine), Sterculia tragacantha (tooth brush), Calamus deeratus, Laccosperma opacum and Smilax anceps (tool).
Structure of the ovaries and oogenesis in Cixius nervosus (Cixiidae), Javesella pellucida and Conomelus anceps (Delphacidae) (Insecta, Hemiptera, Fulgoromorpha).
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In Setaria anceps Stapf, the thickness of the foliar limbo of the vascular bundles and the fiber layer of the basal portion of the vascular bundle was lower in plants under hydric deficiency, compared to the control plants (Melo et al., 2007).
(2007) observaram resultados semelhantes em Setaria anceps (capim-maranga), a qual apresentou os menores valores medios de espessura do limbo foliar em tratamentos conduzidos sob baixa disponibilidade de agua (227 [micro]m), em comparacao aos valores medios de espessura do limbo foliar no tratamento-controle (259 pm).