ANCFActive Noise Control Fan
ANCFAnimal & Nature Conservation Fund (Italy)
ANCFAdvanced National Certificate in Floristry (UK)
ANCFAdjusted Net Cash Flow
ANCFAssociation Nationale CIVAM (Centres d'Initiatives pour Valoriser l'Agriculture et Milieu Rural) Fermier (French: National CIVAM Farmer Association; est. 1999)
ANCFAdditive-Noise Channel with Feedback
ANCFAssociation of North Country Fiddlers (New York)
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In contrast to Simo's method, in the ANCF approach, the cross-section slopes at the nodes (instead of the cross-section angles) become the beam's generalized coordinates.
In this paper, based on assumptions of low speed and small deformation, the ANCF method is considered a finite element interpolation method.
The FFR method is combined with the ANCF method to obtain the stiffness matrix, which does not contain the generalized coordinates.
[28] use ANCF to simulate the deployment dynamics of the deployable antenna reflector.
To this end, a new model coupling mechanical field with a temperature field of a deployable structure with scissor-like elements (SLEs) based on ANCF is presented.
A simple example that a rectangular pendulum moves from the horizontal rest position under the effect of gravity (g = 9.8 m/[s.sup.2]), as shown in Figure 2, is examined to validate the proposed model with a two-dimensional thermal load based on ANCF. And the thermal load is applied by changing the temperature from 0[degrees]C to 200[degrees]C suddenly.
As shown in Figure 12, load-deflection curves of the beam tip were compared to results from absolute nodal coordinate formulation (ANCF) [25].
In an 11-page decision dated March 26 but uploaded to the Supreme Court website only recently, the high tribunal's First Division sided with petitioner ANCF, ruling that the Sins had failed to show that the land they had owned since the 1930s had been declared alienable and disposable by the government.
In 1991, Sin and his siblings Salvacion, Rosario, Francisco, Maria, Manuel, Ramon and Ceferina filed a case against the ANCF for taking over three years earlier the 4.12-hectare portion and constructing a fishpond on it.
The ANCF, however, countered that the lot was part of the 24 hectares allocated by Marcos to the school through Proclamation No.
Chris had been interested in flowers and the countryside since her youth, and decided to attend the Welsh College of Horticulture to undertake a professional floristry course, leading to the Advanced National Certificate in Floristry (ANCF).