ANCFActive Noise Control Fan
ANCFAnimal & Nature Conservation Fund (Italy)
ANCFAdvanced National Certificate in Floristry (UK)
ANCFAdjusted Net Cash Flow
ANCFAssociation Nationale CIVAM (Centres d'Initiatives pour Valoriser l'Agriculture et Milieu Rural) Fermier (French: National CIVAM Farmer Association; est. 1999)
ANCFAssociation of North Country Fiddlers (New York)
ANCFAdditive-Noise Channel with Feedback
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The ANCF, however, countered that the lot was part of the 24 hectares allocated by Marcos to the school through Proclamation No.
In 2000, the MCTC ruled in favor of the Sins and ordered the lot segregated from the ANCF reservation.
They agreed with the ANCF that under the Regalian Doctrine, all lands in the public domain belonged to the state and lands not appearing to be clearly within private ownership were presumed to belong to the state.