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So the Doctor told Chee-Chee to pull up the anchor and the voyage began.
lay among the reefs until the 14th, and not until the 20th did he cast anchor within the barrier in the harbour of Vanou.
The anchor was instantly dropped, and the chain ran rattling through the port-hole.
Now, an anchor is never cast, and to take a liberty with technical language is a crime against the clearness, precision, and beauty of perfected speech.
This is nothing more than riding with two anchors ahead, waiting for a turn in the tide, or a shift of wind, d’ye see, with a soft bottom and plenty of room for the sweep of your hawse.
Entering it with some difficulty, on account of sand-bars and breakers, she came to anchor in a spacious bay.
It was not worth while to anchor till they were sure of good ground.
At the same instant I saw that the thing that had struck us was the trailing anchor of a rather fair-sized air vessel; possibly a ten man cruiser.
We steamed down to the foot of the harbor and came to anchor.
The sight of the mouth of the Ugambi filled Rokoff with renewed hope, for there, upon the yellow waters of the bay, floated the Kincaid at anchor.
Eight miles away, it was not till two in the afternoon that the light air-fans enabled her to drop anchor a quarter of a mile off the shore.
Thence, bearing generally south-east and making slow progress in the dead beat to windward, the Ariel dropped anchor in nearly every harbour of the Solomons, from Choiseul and Ronongo islands, to the islands of Kulambangra, Vangunu, Pavuvu, and New Georgia.