ANCLAssociated Newspapers of Ceylon, Ltd. (est. 1923; Sri Lanka)
ANCLAdult Onset Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis
ANCLAdvanced Network Computing Laboratory (Honolulu, Hawaii)
ANCLAnte Nicene Christian Library (writings)
ANCLApplied Neural Control Laboratory (Case Western Reserve University; Cleveland, OH)
ANCLAnalogical and Neural Computing Laboratory (Computer and Automation Institute; Hungarian Academy of Sciences)
ANCLAll Nations Church of Luxembourg
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PANI/AgCl@Ag ternary nanocomposite was prepared by mixing 50 mL aqueous solutions of silver nitrate and aniline chloride at ambient temperature with a molar ratio of Ag+ to AnCl corresponding to 3.
For 2014, the inflation-indexed thresholds are 552,956 for California property or payroll ancl $529,592 for California sales.
They develop a inc Rh deeper understanding plate complexities or global finKl production ancl issues of rood safety and security, both at home and abroad.
It is this social stigma of veneration of colonial values that the ANCL has been trying to erase during last hundred years or so.
jouranal of emotional ancl behavioral disorder, 1: 221-229.
Notei que devo estar fazendo isso ha muito tempo, mas publiquei um artigo sobre a metodologia da minha pesquisa sobre masculinidades ["Lives of the Businessmen: Reflections on Life-history Method ancl Contemporary Hegemonic Masculinity"] em um numero recente de uma revista austriaca, (5) onde falo do meu modo de entrevistar e o metodo de analise.
The company is a longtime supporter of fair trade ancl combines its purchase of raw materials with helping local communities, 5 percent of sales helps finance community products.
In 1994, shortly after his success starring in the AIDS-epidemic mini-series, Ancl the Band Played On, he went to see the head of the film division at his agency, William Morris.
Queen, From chronicle to Canon: The Hermeneutics of the Spring ancl Autumn, According to Tung Chung-shu (Cambridge: Cambridge Univ.
Hagan, "Domestic Political Regime Change ancl Foreign Policy Restructuring: A Framework for Comparative Analysis", en Jerel A.