ANCOPAnswering the Cry of the Poor (Monrovia, CA)
ANCOPAfghan National Civil Order Police
ANCOPA Network of Communities of the Poor (various locations)
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He said the partnership with the LGUs is essential for ANCOP in providing poor families opportunity for a decent and better living condition.
It was replaced during 2007-2011 with the "focused district development" program in which a district police force was taken out and retrained, its duties temporarily performed by more highly trained ANCOP.
Army War College in June 2011, I was assigned to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization Training Mission-Afghanistan (NTM-A), where I was to serve as a senior advisor to the ANCOP commander.
Whether they were impostors or Afghan National Police (ANP)--the ordinary and often corrupt cops that Ironhorse's ANCOP partners looked down on--was anyone's guess.
However, the ANCOP officers were subsequently used mostly to staff new checkpoints that are better securing the most restive districts.
at the tiny checkpoint at Pan Kalay, 10 miles north of Forward Operating Base Ouellette, the Guards' 8 Platoon work side by side with the ANCOP to keep the Taliban at bay.
Aside from SM, other donors include Zonta Club, Duty Free Philippines, Forever 21, ANCOP, New Golden City Builders and Development and the Philippine Daily Inquirer.
But he believes the close bonds that 8 Platoon forged with their ANCOP counterparts at Pan Kalay meant that threat was reduced, as mutual trust means each side keep a close eye on each other's backs.
The new resettlement site is located in Barangay New Kawayan, 14 kilometers away from the city proper, and is known as Pope Francis CFC ANCOP Canada Community-SM Cares Village.
One frustrated District Chief of Police, in Kandahar province, said, "Take my 900 ANCOP and just give 100 guys who are here all the time
However, the ANCOP officers are currently being used mostly to staff new checkpoints that are better securing the most restive districts.
Zawaq says the officers who died were members of the elite Afghan National Civil Order Police the so-called ANCOPs who get special training from NATO forces.