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ANCOVAAnalysis of Covariance
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Prior to the one-way analysis of covariance (ANCOVA), the main experimental effect for post-test scores was examined (see Table 1 ).
Na analise do indice de diversidade, na estacao chuvosa nao houve diferenca entre as medias obtidas nas areas com diferente uso do solo (ANCOVA, [F.sub.2,20] = 0,848; P = 0,45; Figura 2) e a diversidade tambem nao foi influenciada pela profundidade de serapilheira (ANCOVA, [F.sub.1,20] = 0,415; P = 0,53) ou pela temperatura do ar (ANCOVA, [F.sub.1,20] = 0,240; P = 0,63).
Thus, ANCOVA could be used to determine the effects of intervention on English reading anxiety.
The general linear model with univariate analysis (ANCOVA) showed that on adjustment for SHBG, testosterone remained lower in the MetS subjects as compared to the other groups.
To check for the difference depending on the different teaching methods among the control and experimental groups, an associated one-way ANCOVA was conducted for the postmotivation scale, after neutralizing the impact of the premotivation scale, according to the study variable, teaching method.
Taking baseline preintervention scores as covariants, this study used two-way mixed-design ANCOVA to analyze the effects of telecare intervention versus no telecare intervention (experimental group vs.
To do this I conducted two additional two-way repeated measures ANCOVAs, with Outcome-Questionnaire scores (OQ-45.2) as the dependent variable, time of assessment the within-subjects as the independent variable, duration of treatment the independent as the between-subjects variable, and the Marlowe-Crown Social Desirability (MCSD) scale as the covariate (cf, Rosik et ah, 2009, for descriptions of these measures and analytic strategy).
Table I.- The statistics of internal organ size (g) and the results of one-way ANCOVA between sexes in Bufo gargarizans gargarizans.
Therefore, this study proposes an analysis of covariance (ANCOVA) model that includes environmental and genetic factors influencing the phenotype of Hanwoo and uses a new adjusted model that eliminates the estimated values of environmental factors.