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ANCOVAAnalysis of Covariance
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Taking baseline preintervention scores as covariants, this study used two-way mixed-design ANCOVA to analyze the effects of telecare intervention versus no telecare intervention (experimental group vs.
I then conducted a second ANCOVA similar to the first but only for the subset of participants (n = 29) from my 2011 study who completed the long-term follow up.
Here environmental factors were excluded from the ANCOVA model because a statistical model was required only for genetic factors.
Analogous to Study 1, we used SPSS version 20 to perform ANCOVA and logit analyses of the data.
Table 5: Descriptive data and ANCOVA of the post-test-2 score (Group-4)
As for the impact of the Team Competition-based Ubiquitous gaming system on the students' awareness of their own communication competence, a one-way ANCOVA was conducted by adopting ubiquitous learning approaches as an independent variable, while the post-questionnaire scores were a dependent variable and the pre-questionnaire scores were a covariate.
The ANCOVA test indicated that there were significant differences between groups on the outcome of service access (F=20.
ANCOVA was used to show that as the mat densities covary, volumetric specific heat was found to be independent of mixing ratio.
First, we did not collect the PANSS score of healthy subjects; hence, unfortunately, we could not take the positive score as a covariate in the process of ANCOVA analysis.
Summary Table of One-Way ANCOVA Equal n's of Achievement Scores Sources of Adjusted Sum df Mean F Computed Prob of Squares Squares Variations Treatment Between 250.
In the ANCOVA model, after controlling for education, there was a significantly higher mean number of total life events in males (F = 5.