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ANCOVAAnalysis of Covariance
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ANCOVA Results for Query Correctness (measured as a dichotomous variable) Source Mean F Sig.
In the third ANCOVA, the dependent measure was positive attitudes toward the outgroup.
The ANCOVA interaction term was not significant (df = 436, F-ratio = 0.
2): The ANCOVA analysis indicated that neither the covariate age (p<0.
ANCOVA results showed, after controlling for income, significant variance (3%) in NumEvents (F = 9.
ANCOVA revealed that after controlling for performance with this alternative standard, there was again no evidence of a gender difference in training volume (F(3,844) = 2.
ANCOVA combines analysis of variance with linear regression for two variables within multiple factors.
The transformed data were evaluated with ANCOVA with year as a covariate, and water temperature, salinity, and daylength as fixed factors.
OIO-44 puanlari ve diger psikolojik degiskenlerin gruplar arasindaki ayirt ediciligine yas ve ogrenim duzeyleri kontrol edildikten sonra ANCOVA analizi yapilarak bakilmistir.
p 0,04 * 0,07 0,04 * ANCOVA F 8,85 0,05 7,08 ANCOVA p 0,008 0,81 0,02 PT LC AC dieta A 23,27 [+ o -] 0,58 9,90 [+ o -] 0,21 6,64 [+ o -] 0,13 dieta B 24,14 [+ o -] 0,58 10,51 [+ o -] 0,21 6,99 [+ o -] 0,13 tratam.
In each ANCOVA, the initial body weight of the animals was used as the covariate to control for pre-existing differences.
An ANCOVA found an overall positive relationship between gametophyte density and percentage of male gametophytes.