ANCRAAbused and Neglected Child Reporting Act (Illinois)
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All industries represent potential customers for us and Materials Handling Middle East is a conduit to target the beverage industry, FMCG, cold storage, automotive and chemicals," said Ancra Systems spokesperson Fenghua Folmer.
Jasper van den Driest, managing director Ancra Systems, about the cooperation: "The combination of both systems constitutes a very interesting solution for clients." Dennis van der Dussen, sales director VTSK Systems, adds: "Both the OptilogX system as the loading and unloading systems are proven techniques.
ACTe will combine the 'Automated Loading Systems' and 'Air Cargo Systems for Airports' business sectors, while Ancra Jungfalk will continue in the 'Load Restraint Systems' sector.
A description of the skeletal morphology of Barbourula (Ancra: Discoglossidae) with comments on its relationships.
The Ancra Corporation is located at 4880 West Rosencrans Avenue, Hawthorne, CA 90250.
Kinedyne, Q'straint, Tie-Tech, Ancra, and others make these tie-downs, which are considered "manual" because an attendant is needed to secure the wheelchair.
Steve Frediani, President and CEO of Heicos Ancra Diversified Manufacturing Group said: The strategic acquisition of Costello/April Design is an excellent complement to the portfolio of thermal management businesses within Heico.
Ancra International has received a contract to provide the cargo loading system for Aeronautical Engineers Incs (AEI) new 737-800 passenger to freighter (P2F) converted aircraft.
An innovative way to maximize the cargo capacity of trailers -- and increase revenue potential -- has been introduced by Ancra International LLC.
The Heico Companies announced the acquisition of Ancra Systems B.V., a leader in the field of automatic truck loading and unloading systems (ATLS).
Following this acquisition, Wistra joins Heico entities Kinedyne, Ancra Cargo, and S-Line, manufacturers and distributors of cargo securement systems.