ANDEMAgence Nationale pour le Déement de l'Évaluation Médicale (French)
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Seven guidelines (ACCP, ANDEM, ASCO, ATS-ERS, BTS-SCG, FNCLCC, and SIGN) thus recommend the use of diverse biochemistry and/or hematology tests for the staging of NSCLC.
Regarding the other laboratory tests, the 5 guidelines (ACCP, ANDEM, ASCO, FNCLCC, and ATS-ERS) in which only a few laboratory tests were missing among those recommended (compared with the reference list of tests in Table 2) were scored as good.
See, ANDEM, supra note 82, at 15 ("[D]uring the launching into orbit by the Soviet Union in 1957 of the first artificial earth satellite, Sputnik-1, there was no protest in any form from any state or group of states about any violation of, or infringement on its territorial sovereignty of its air space.