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ANDFArchitecture Neutral Distribution Format
ANDFAfghan National Detention Facility (prison; Afganistan)
ANDFAzerbaijan National Democracy Foundation
ANDFApplication Neutral Data Format
ANDFAmylase-Treated Neutral Detergent Fiber
ANDFA New Day Foundation (Guyana)
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We also taught ANDF staff about human rights and how to follow mandatory international guidelines outlined in the U.
If ANDF and its staff are to succeed, the Afghanistan National Government and Armed Forces must dispel old practices and replace them with a new mindset, accompanied with philosophies that support human rights--even when U.
An understanding of the Afghan personal relationship ideology was important in developing and training sustainable ANDF policy.
We found that most detainees at ANDF had spent substantial time in U.
6) At ANDF it was common for meetings to be halted so those who chose to pray could walk out and do so, regardless of their role in the meeting.
In general, the installation process of ANDF programs is separated into two steps.
For the transport of ANDF programs, the algebraic TDF is linearized and stored in a capsule file.
Verification of capsule files by the installer on the consumer-side is not integrated into the ANDF scenario, due to its development as a program distribution format.
ANDF, the third tree-oriented intermediate representation, does not integrate a verification mechanism and so will not be discussed further in this respect.
On the other hand, developers of ANDF provided a very portable distribution format but did not address advanced safety requirements.