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ANDIAsociación Nacional de Industriales (National Association of Industrialists, Colombia)
ANDIAssociazione Nazionale Dentisti Italiani (Italian: Italian National Association of Dentists)
ANDIAutism Network for Dietary Intervention
ANDIAmerican Nitrox Divers International (est. 1988; various locations)
ANDIAnalytical Data Interchange
ANDIAstro Nuclear/Dynamics Inc. (now Clark Dynamic Test Laboratory, Inc.)
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Humberto, comenzaste tu gestion como presidente de la ANDI justamente al inicio del llamado gobierno del cambio, cambio del que todo mundo duda.
Si hubo un notable cambio para la ANDI, pero antes que nada y metiendome en asuntos de politica, subrayo que si hubo cambio,
Podemos decir que la ANDI entro de lleno en el lenguaje de la globalizacion?
Hoy la ANDI esta adecuada a la ley, siendo una sociedad de gestion colectiva, participando activamente.
Summary: The National Agency for Investment Development (ANDI) has recoded over 11,800 new investment projects, worth DZD 480 billion during the first half of 2009, ANDI Director General Abdelkrim Mansouri announced on Tuesday.
MARKETING PROFESSIONAL-GRADE hair-styling appliances to consumers has been a key factor in Andis business.
It comes equipped with the Andis Lifeline shock-protection plug and is backed by the company's five-year limited warranty.
Another item, the Andis Mustache Trimmer, is a battery-operated trimmer and comes with two attachment combs.
Andis opened for business in the basement of the home of its founder, Matthew G.
In the coming decades, Andis entered first the hair-care category; developing the first wall-mounted hair dryer, and then the animal-care market.