ANDPAfrica Nations Development Programme (Abuja, Nigeria)
ANDPAssociation of Neuroscience Departments and Programs
ANDPAtlanta Neighborhood Development Partnership
ANDPAfar National Democratic Party (Ethiopia)
ANDPAlliance Nigérienne pour la Démocratie et le Progrès (French: Nigerien Alliance for Democracy and Progress)
ANDPActivists Network for Disabled People (est. 2001)
ANDPAlberta New Democratic Party (political party; Canada)
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ANDP met with metro chief appraisers collectively and individually and provided them with RCLCO's analysis in advance of the public release of the data.
Knowing that local governments would be concerned about the fiscal impact of declining property tax revenue, ANDP also worked to educate elected officials about the tax inequities in high-foreclosure communities.
ANDP made presentations at neighborhood association and community meetings in the areas at greatest risk for overpayment.
ANDP is preparing to repeat the RCLCO analysis with sales data from 2009 to review how well tax assessors did in reducing property values, specifically within the 15-ZIP-code study area.
By 2005, the MICI committee had taken ownership of the work and ANDP became mainly a facilitator of the MICI process.
The document became a focal point for affordable housing advocacy, not only for ANDP but for many other organizations as well.
For example, ANDP has been working with homebuilders for years to help foster an understanding of the critical need for more affordable housing in the region.