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ANDRAAgence Nationale pour la Gestion Des Déchets Radioactifs (French)
ANDRAAdvanced Node for Data Relay in the ATN
ANDRAAustralian National Drag Race Association (Kent Town, SA, Australia)
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In this volume, geographers describe the lives and careers of Sir Peter Geoffrey Hall (932-2014), Michael John Wise (1918-2015), William Richard Mead (1915-2014), Stanley Henry Beaver (1907-84), Anita McConnell (1936-2016), and AndrA? Meynier (1901-83).
After being snowed in with no way to care for their livestock (cattle and hogs), Richard and Andra vowed, "never again." Once they dug themselves out, the couple went to their local John Deere dealership to buy the snowmobile they would need to keep their promise: a John Deere 600.
Jussi Heinonen, Director of the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority of Finland and team leader of the review mission, said that there was reasonable assurance about the "robustness of the disposal concept and ANDRA's ability to develop a safety demonstration."
"Three youngsters" were among the dead, Andra said, while children were also among the injured.
They made the move to England last June and as it turns out Andra says their timing couldn't have been better.
The most recent meeting between the sides, in mid-March, resulted in a 2-1 away win for Lustenau in a match for which St Andra were 4-5 favourites.
The elderly Andra has the best lines in the movie: when Kate and Alex ask her and her granddaughters round for a birthday party, Kate goes to the trouble of baking Andra a cake.
Paris is fabulous in great shots like a feather floating down from Notre Dame or AndrA being dangled from the Eiffel Tower.
WITH his wacky outfits and his bizarre name, we all thought that OutKast's AndrA 3000 was a bit out there.
At the end of Still A Bigot, Andra won a holiday to Rome.