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ANDREAAnisotropy-considering Non-contacting Direct-measuring partial-Resonance-using Eigen-polarisation Amplifying analysis
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We announce,' he read, in the same tone with which he would have read a newspaper, `that to-day, the 23d of February, will be executed Andrea Rondolo, guilty of murder on the person of the respected and venerated Don Cesare Torlini, canon of the church of St.
Meanwhile Andrea and the two executioners were struggling on the ground, and he kept exclaiming, "He ought to die
The people all took part against Andrea, and twenty thousand voices cried, "Put him to death
The two assistants had borne Andrea to the scaffold, and there, in spite of his struggles, his bites, and his cries, had forced him to his knees.
Barth, Richardson, Overweg, Werne, Brun-Rollet, Penney, Andrea, Debono, Miani, Guillaume Lejean, Bruce, Krapf and Rebmann, Maizan, Roscher, Burton and Speke.
Penney--the head of the Egyptian medical service, who, in a small steamer, penetrated one degree beyond Gondokoro, and then came back to die of exhaustion at Karthoum--nor Miani, the Venetian, who, turning the cataracts below Gondokoro, reached the second parallel-- nor the Maltese trader, Andrea Debono, who pushed his journey up the Nile still farther--could work their way beyond the apparently impassable limit.
John, a man of generous disposition, as was shown by his extreme liberality to his brother, the famous John Andrea Doria; and what made his death the more sad was that he was slain by some Arabs to whom, seeing that the fort was now lost, he entrusted himself, and who offered to conduct him in the disguise of a Moor to Tabarca, a small fort or station on the coast held by the Genoese employed in the coral fishery.
Young man, I am Agostino Pisano, the son of Andrea Pisano, and I say again that you have power.
I have seen Andrea Orcagna, Taddeo Gaddi, Giottino, Stefano, Simone Memmi--men whose very colors I am not worthy to mix.
On August 8, 2017, the Laredo Sector Border Patrol and the United Independent School District participated in an event at the State Capitol of Texas in Austin where the 2017 Youth of the Year winner, Andrea Miranda Paez, was honored by Texas State Representative Richard Raymond from District 42 - Laredo.
Sustaining her drive, Padilla combined with Angela Buyante to derail Glee Juario and Andrea Buyante, 8-4, in girls' 14-U.
Andrea says with a smile on her face, "As long as I can be creative and express my feelings in an artistic way, whether it's making movies, taking photos, painting, writing or even singing, I am happy.