ANDRUAgence Nationale pour le Développement de la Recherche Universitaire (French)
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According to Andru Wall, decisions to execute a defense against a cyber attack are often measured in seconds or milliseconds.
Andru's work is also sold at the prestigious Saatchi Gallery in London and has been bought by people such as the late Lord Lichfield.
A native of Ambungi with a better than average war record, Palpal has spent 12 months working among the shy people of Ankiak, Kawelai, Wilwol, and Iambuan [hinterland villages near the headwaters of the Andru river].
That's exactly what should happen to Hearts player Andru is Velicka after he deliberately got Falkirk youngster Darren Barr sent off last week.
Mitchell established in Paris a theological school, which later continued under the leadership of Henri Andru. Many young French Baptist ministers studied there, and like those trained in Douai, these men also went on to play significant roles in the development of Baptist work.
The Analog Data Responding Unit, AnDRU Box, is specifically designed to control pumps and alarms based on a 4~20 mA analog input.
Andru Ziwasimon, formerly a full-time employee at the hospital who now works at the clinic.
For brief histories of Iraq's breaches of the ceasefire, see Turner, supra note 17, at 173-77; Paul Schott Stevens, Andru E.
Benson's legal counsel, Chris Reid, said that the governor had gotten copies of letters from Grosz and her lawyer, Andru Volinsky, requesting that Benson and the council look at Grosz's dismissal.
Florida MDR 98 had better pod yield and grades with lower disease severity than Southern Runner, Georgia Green, Andru 93, and Florunner (Culbreath et al., 1997).
(67) Interview with Andru Volinsky, Partner, Stein, Volinsky, and Callahan, Concord, NH, lead counsel for Claremont plaintiffs, in Concord, N.H.
Safely past the Unity 2000 rep, the libertarians ran into Andru Ziwasimon, a doctor from Albuquerque, New Mexico, who was holding a sign that said, "Privatize Our Lives, Publicize Our Resources." They stopped for a brief dialogue, although no one's mind was changed.