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ANDSAustralian National Data Service
ANDSAfghan National Development Strategy
ANDSAbbreviated New Drug Submission
ANDSAccelerate North Decelerate South (compass mnemonic)
ANDSAtypical Neurological Disease Syndrome
ANDSAlternative Nicotine Delivery System (pharmaceuticals)
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I looked round the corner of the table, and perceived the restaurant cat in dignified retreat.
He nodded absently, drew at his cigarette, and began:
He patted Bobby on the shoulder and said: "Well done, my boy!"
There followed, while the uniform was being prepared, an interval of pure delight, during which Bobby took brevet-rank as a "man" at the women-swamped tennis-parties and tea-fights of the village, and, I daresay, had his joining-time been extended, would have fallen in love with several girls at once.
She slapped them on the shoulders and laughed a great deal.
Those who were going to take part in the social evening came in, the younger members of the staff mostly, boys who had not girls of their own, and girls who had not yet found anyone to walk with.
Like the life in some coast town that was once a watering-place, and is now a port, where the genteel streets are silent and grass-grown, and the docks and warehouses busy and resonant, the life at the Hall has changed its focus, and no longer radiates from the parlour, but from the kitchen and the farmyard.
Plenty of life there, though this is the drowsiest time of the year, just before hay-harvest; and it is the drowsiest time of the day too, for it is close upon three by the sun, and it is half- past three by Mrs.
A dozen yards they ran, and then the swordsman slashed again, and Bert could hear across the waters a little sound like the moo of an elfin cow as the fat little man fell forward.
The swordsman slashed a fourth time and went on as his fellows came up after the better runner.
The handsome fittings and furnishings of the house in Sackville Street were piled thick and high over the skeleton up-stairs, and if it ever whispered from under its load of upholstery, 'Here I am in the closet!' it was to very few ears, and certainly never to Miss Podsnap's.
Mrs Lammle bestowed a sweet and loving smile upon her friend, which Miss Podsnap returned as she best could.