ANDVTAdvanced Narrowband Digital Voice Terminal
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Not only does the AN/PRC-148 contain a transceiver capable of operating over an extended frequency band when compared to its predecessors it also has self contained virtually all of the most widely required voice and data waveforms such as SINCGARS SIP & ESIP, HAVE QUICK I&II, ANDVT along with and appropriate COMSEC (VINSON, etc.) to assure full interoperability.
Though the original SA and Information Exchange Requirements for Spitfire depicted channels for command, intelligence and fires, the brigade was only able to retain two 5 KHz (one ANDVT, one DAMA) channels for operations.
Recent algorithm upgrades enable the recognition of ANDVT, NATO 4285 STANAG serial tone modem, automatic link establishment and voice wave forms.
Communications needs were fulfilled with systems such as Have Quick frequency-agile UHF radios; the advanced narrowband digital voice terminal (ANDVT) for secure speech over HF and satellite links; INMARSAT equipment for communicating with merchant shipping; and the UK's BRAHMS secure speech system for use with commercial communications satellites.
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