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ANEAncient Near East
ANEAnnals of Noninvasive Electrocardiology (journal; Wiley)
ANEAsia and Near East
ANEA Necessary Evil (gaming guild)
ANEAmmonium Nitrate Emulsion
ANEAntioch University New England (Keene, NH)
ANEAutomotive News Europe
ANEAbuse, Neglect and Exploitation (abuse prevention)
ANEAntes de Nuestra Era (Spanish)
ANEAncient Nackered Engineer (online gaming clan)
ANEAir New England
ANEAnarchy 'n' Explosives
ANEActeur Non Etatique (French: Non State Actor; EU)
ANEAssociação Nacional das Empresárias (Portuguese: National Association of Entrepreneurs)
ANEAcuerdo Nacional Sobre Empleo (Spanish: National Employment Agreement)
ANEAdvanced Network Engineering (various locations)
ANEAcción Nacional Española (Spanish: Spanish National Action; political group)
ANEAnything 'n' Everything
ANEAnti-Noob Establishment (gaming clan)
ANEAsamblea Nacional Española (Spanish)
ANEAudible Nasal Emission (speech distortion)
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The second chapter is a well-written introduction to the study of women in the ANE by Harriet Crawford.
The bouquets keep coming and Ane clearly enjoys receiving them.
From an engineering point of view, however, it is not advisable to use psychoacoustic metrics directly as inputs for the subsequent ANE control, because the calculation process converting measured noise signals to psychoacoustic metrics may lower the efficiency of ANE system.
RESULTS EBP and its components were mentioned 275 times collectively; 44 ANEs specifically mentioned EBP in their teaching philosophies.
Ane Maersk Mc-Kinney Uggla took over last year, the powerful post of president of AP MA,ller Foundation after his father, the late shipping magnate MA|rsk Mc-Kinney MA,ller.
Jare later, wanneer Ane weer na Suid-Afrika vlieg, is daar opnuut hoop in haar dogter se 'verraderlike hart'.
Ane is active 24/7 and due to the growing number of consultations that we receive from anywhere in the world, having a state of the art, efficient and instant tool is extremely useful for our university.
The virological diagnosis by RT-PCR allowed us to consider H1N1-associated ANE.
Ane delayed recording the album while she toured with two of her major influences, Grammy-winning singer Ani DiFranco and Peter Gabriel, who is one of her biggest supporters and with whom she recorded Don't Give Up.
Not to be outdone, California's Dell'Arte International is collaborating with Denmark's Jomfru Ane Teatret in a vibrantly physical new work inspired by Gynt.
CustomerVision solutions are supported by active value- added partners, including CDS, Lending Solutions, CoreTrac and ANE.
Known as the ANE II Project, the new direct access arrangements in Canada will reinforce the ability of LDCs in New England and New York to secure competitively priced gas supplies to serve markets in the region.