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ANEAncient Near East
ANEAnnals of Noninvasive Electrocardiology (journal; Wiley)
ANEAsia and Near East
ANEA Necessary Evil (gaming guild)
ANEAmmonium Nitrate Emulsion
ANEAntioch University New England (Keene, NH)
ANEAutomotive News Europe
ANEAbuse, Neglect and Exploitation (abuse prevention)
ANEAntes de Nuestra Era (Spanish)
ANEAncient Nackered Engineer (online gaming clan)
ANEAir New England
ANEActeur Non Etatique (French: Non State Actor; EU)
ANEAnarchy 'n' Explosives
ANEAssociação Nacional das Empresárias (Portuguese: National Association of Entrepreneurs)
ANEAcuerdo Nacional Sobre Empleo (Spanish: National Employment Agreement)
ANEAdvanced Network Engineering (various locations)
ANEAcción Nacional Española (Spanish: Spanish National Action; political group)
ANEAnything 'n' Everything
ANEAnti-Noob Establishment (gaming clan)
ANEAsamblea Nacional Española (Spanish)
ANEAudible Nasal Emission (speech distortion)
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"The steroids managed to reduce the swelling in his brain but his brain stem and the left side of his brain had a lot of damage," Kamareia said, adding that he was later diagnosed with ANE. 
Las actuales preocupaciones en torno a los principales riesgos a afrontar tienen relacion con la labor de los ANE. Asi, en Informe de riesgo global 2017 se consideran como principales riesgos para el mundo, los derivados de las ciberamenazas, la evolucion demografica, la inestabilidad politica o economica, la proliferacion de armas de destruccion masiva, el terrorismo yihadista, la criminalidad organizada, la corrupcion, los conflictos armados o los movimientos de poblacion.
The news provokes a twitch of surprise on her face and it seems much of Ane's life is comprised of minute emotional bumps like this.
In order to improve the vehicle interior DL, active noise equalization (ANE) system proposed by Kuo et al.
To ensure that nursing faculties are holding students to high standards, integration of the concepts of EBP, and the related components of critical thinking, lifelong learning, and quality patient care, is important for the program's philosophy as well as the ANE's personal teaching philosophy.
Third, Genesis 1 does not represent an ANE worldview and admitting otherwise would compromise the uniqueness of scripture as God's Word.
There were great sets from setter Esther Warnert and good hits from both middle attackers Carly Stewart, Petra Kaiser and Mia Schmidt-Hansen as well as from Ane Marte Bye, Atlanta Taylor and Charlotte James.
Eloise vertel haar storie in die eerstepersoonvorm en die ander stories, die van Ane, Petra en James, word ouktorieel vertel.
What would you like to know about our mobility programmes?" says Ane from the University of the Basque Country[acute accent]s International Relations website - Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea
The neurologic complications of influenza A virus include seizures, encephalitis, Reye syndrome and acute necrotizing encephalopathy (ANE).
Already a star in her native Norway, singer-songwriter Ane Brun is sure to shine further afield with her It All Starts With One album.