ANEELAgência Nacional de Energia Elétrica (Brazil)
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Este significa possiveis sancoes que as concessionarias poderiam sofrer, caso nao cumprissem os requisitos do Programa referentes a prazos, valores mini mos de investimento, razoabilidade de custos dos projetos e qualidade de resultados, descritos nos manuais da ANEEL de 2001, 2006, 2008a e 2012.
Ate 2008, os projetos de P&D eram aprovados pela ANEEL antes de se iniciarem.
Esta metodologia converteu-se em uma ferramenta computacional de apoio a decisao e a avaliacao ex-ante de projetos do Programa da ANEEL (Prioritization in Technology [PiTech]), a qual vem sendo usada desde 2010 pela empresa pesquisada.
Spain-based Isolux Corsan has received a contract worth EUR64m from ANEEL, the National Agency of Electric Energy Brazil.
ANEEL decided to limit the rate increases by adopting whatever procedure (adjustment or review) that would bring the lowest increase.
ANEEL normally submits the proposed methodology for rate review to the public for notice and comment (audiencia publica) before implementing it.
A proxima secao discorre sobre o setor eletrico nacional e sobre o programa de P&D instituido pela ANEEL, via Lei n.
These solutions enable Brazilian utilities to not only meet the requirements of the recently published ANEEL mandate but to also unlock more ROI from their existing smart grid investments.
At the opening of the meeting, the director of ANEEL Andr Pepitone da Nbrega spoke about the energy matrix of Brazil, a feature fully renewable.
Rufino listed the improvements made by ANEEL in the bidding documents, including clarifying the risk matrix, establishing more realistic deadlines, monitoring contracts and incentives to anticipate the start-up of the new facilities.
The meeting will be led by the head of the Natural Resources and Energy Unit of Cepal Manlio Coviello and the director of ANEEL Andr Pepitone da Nbrega.