ANEELAgência Nacional de Energia Elétrica (Brazil)
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ANEEL decided to limit the rate increases by adopting whatever procedure (adjustment or review) that would bring the lowest increase.
ANEEL normally submits the proposed methodology for rate review to the public for notice and comment (audiencia publica) before implementing it.
ANEEL stated that it was not refusing to grant the full increase as determined by the rate review process; instead, it was implementing a rollover.
Aside from never holding a notice-and-comment process to discuss its decision, ANEEL did very little to justify the limitation, stating only that the limits on the increases were imposed to reduce the impact of the increases on consumers.
These solutions enable Brazilian utilities to not only meet the requirements of the recently published ANEEL mandate but to also unlock more ROI from their existing smart grid investments.
A second injunction to suspend the decision on April 19th was also overturned by the Appellate Court just moments before the auction was set to begin and Brazil's electric utility ANEEL has reinstated today's auction.
ANEEL also said among the remaining applications, Arigo Solar Energia SPE, a developer of solar energy has filed a request for the registration of one PV project totaling 30 MW.
01% tariff readjustment granted by ANEEL (the Brazilian Electricity Regulatory Agency) on July 4, 2008, the retraction in consumption and the higher expenditure with the pension fund.
ONS was organized as a privately owned non-profit civil entity and operates the Interconnected System by delegation from it's Administrative Board Members where the agents of the energy sector (Generation, Transmission and Distribution companies) are represented, following rules, criteria and methodologies established by a code called the Grid Procedures approved by ANEEL (the Brazilian Electric System Regulation Entity).
This past August, Brazil's National Agency of Electrical Energy, ANEEL, announced long awaited regulations regarding the deployment of smart meters throughout Brazil.
The transaction hereby described will be submitted to the Brazilian Antitrust Defense System within the legal term and, when concluded, will be duly communicated to the Brazilian Electricity Regulatory Agency - ANEEL.