ANEKAnonimi Naftiliaki Etereia Kritis SA (Greek shipping company)
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(25) Anek Naawikmuun, Pleeng nork satawat (Bangkok: Muang Boran, 1978 and 1986).
Anek said he was concerned the public might be upset if his tiny party were to ally with the Democrat Party in a coalition after the PPP won the most seats in the lower house.
For a discussion of the various nang talung-type theatrical forms in Thailand and neighbouring countries, see Brandon (1967), Suthiwong (1968), Anek (1987), Ghulam (1992), Suriya (1992), and Dowsey-Magog (2005).
Para los investigadores argentinos en ecologia se indican las citaciones tanto en revistas nacionales como internacionales (Rabinovich 1992), o en el area de Inmunologia brasilera (Dos Santos y Rumj anek 2001), entre otras.
The Commission opened an investigation in 1992 into the activities of a number of companies providing passenger and freight transportation services on several lines between Greece and Italy (Anek Lines, Karageorgis Lines, Marlines, Ventouris Group Enterprises, Adriatica di Navigazione, Strintzis Lines Shipping, Minoan Lines).
Pasuk and Baker's analysis of the crisis could be seen as a variant of the "soft institutionalist" approach that has marked much recent writing by political economists on Southeast Asia (e.g., Anek 1992; Doner 1992).
On the undercard, Bradford's Simon Mangeolles lost to Thaiborn Anek Cronsomboon, of Chester, in a 63kg Muaythai contest and Frenchman Bakari Tounkara floored Richard Smith, from Leeds, to win the WAKO pro European 75kg Thaiboxing crown.
Hiroshi Kaneki was detained after arriving at Bangkok International Airport from Frankfurt attempting to smuggle 6,800 ecstasy tablets into the country, according to Anek Ornthanalai, director of the Customs Department's passenger control division.
They are happy with the team of referee Arthur Mercante jr, and female judge Melvino Lathan, of New York, plus Steve Weisfeld and Anek Hongtongkam, of Thailand.
The SIF is being supervised by the World Bank, which is lending the money to Thailand, to help the poor and underprivileged classes of society, said Anek Nakabutr, director of the Social Investment Fund Office (SIFO).