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The manifesto also gives the industry a platform for discussions with politicians, environmental organizations and other interest groups that Anell says will help push the agenda.
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For an exhaustive early overview, see Bengt Anell and Sture Lagercrantz, Geophagical Customs (Uppsala: Studia Ethnographica Upsaliensia, 1958).
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This has become a problem in Iceland and Norway after liberalisation (Anell, 2005) which has not led to lower prices, although it did improve availability of pharmacies.
Consumers in Norway and Iceland also benefited from considerable price discounts (IHE, 2001; Anell, 2004).
(6) The first 3 years of the decade (1990 to 1992) saw considerably higher growth than the 5-year period from 1993 to 1997, when governments in many countries applied cost-containment measures (Anell and Svarvar, 1999; Hakkinen, 1999; Mossialos and Le Grand, 1999; Orosz and Burns, 2000).
According to Anell and Lagercrantz (1958:9), clay was never eaten as a substitute for food on the Torres Strait Islands.
anell ed walls and matching fitted bookcases with adjustable shelving for organised storage plus a carved chimneypiece, open fire in Cotswold stone surround and window seats.