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ANEMAsocijacija Nezavisnih Elektronskih Medija
ANEMAssociazione Nazionale Esercenti Multiplex (Italian: National Association of Multiplex Merchants; est. 1999)
ANEMAmplified Noise Eliminating Module
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If the Soviet Union was still with us today, how might we now be trying to fit the encounter between its citizens and the United States' self-projection at ANEM into an explanation of the Soviet system's sustainability, sources of popular legitimacy and belonging, rather than into a narrative of communism's fatal flaw?
Veran Matic is the founding editor of Radio B92 and founder of the ANEM network of independent radio and television stations in Yugoslavia.
He points to an absurd dilemma facing ANEM affiliates awaiting approval of their license applications.
Respecto a docencia, el conseller opone la magistralidad tradicional, caracteristica de otras epocas y, por antigua, valorada negativamente (no pot ser que encara anem a un model de classe magistral / no puede ser que todavia vayamos a un modelo de clase magistral) a nuevas metodologias docentes como el trabajo basado en proyectos; la calidad de este enfoque radica en que es de uso comun en otros paises considerados mas modernos.
In particular, Anem, Aria, Lamogai and Mouk villagers residing in the bush did not trust Kombei and Lusi villagers on the coast who had become heavily involved in cash crops, commerce, education and national politics (cf.
A total of 937 people from different provinces submitted their job applications with their curriculum vitae and received their registration cards during the fair," said ANEM General Manager Aziza Chibane pointing out that 40 % of job-seekers are from Algiers, 25% from Blida and 10% from Tizi-Ouzou.
Further east, in the Kaliai district, Lusi and Anem speakers are connected to Kaliai interior Mouk, Aria and Lamogai peoples and to the Arawe and Kandrian districts.
Several of the country's leading plex operators recently formed a breakaway trade body, ANEM.
Yele- West New Britain Yele West New Britain Anem Ata (= Pele-Ata = Wasi) East New Britain Baining Taulil Butam (extinct) North Bougainville Rotokas Konua South Bougainville Nasioi Nagovisi Buin (= Telei) Motuna (= Siwai) Central Solomons Bilua Baniata Lavukaleve Savosavo Isolates Kol (New Britain) Sulka (New Britain) Kuot (= Panaras) (New Ireland)
Aiming to better represent and protect the interests of multiscreen exhibs, the new structure is known as ANEM (Associazione Nazionale Esercenti Multiplex) and is represented by Carlo Bernaschi, whose Mediaport exhibition unit is one of the seven member companies.
The myth of Titikolo establishes the course of Anem history as a series of eras, in succession each emerging apocalyptically from the former; (some mythic elements indicate Christian influence).
Il faut savoir aussi que des agences Anem sont disseminees partout sur le territoire et qu'elles recoivent en fonction du lieu de residence du candidat.