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ANEMAsocijacija Nezavisnih Elektronskih Medija
ANEMAssociazione Nazionale Esercenti Multiplex (Italian: National Association of Multiplex Merchants; est. 1999)
ANEMAmplified Noise Eliminating Module
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In this section, we provide an outline of the core features of the ANEM model which are:
Visited by some 2,700,000 Soviet citizens over its six-week run, did ANEM stir the hearts and desires of these millions, as Winston and others predicted, and make them covet and clamor for what Americans had?
By the middle of 1997, B92 had established a network of independent radio and TV stations, the Association of Independent Electronic Media (ANEM), consisting of more than thirty local radio stations from all areas of Serbia and Montenegro.
AT THE EPICENTER OF GOVERNMENT RESISTANCE IN Serbia is ANEM, short for the Association of Independent Electronic Media, a network of 33 radio stations and 18 TV stations.
Mieux encore, il a soulign[euro]u[c] que si lae1/4aoon se r[euro]u[c]f[euro]uA re aux nombres dae1/4aoinscrits [euro]u lae1/4aoagence nationale de lae1/4aoemploi (ANEM), ce taux baissera [euro]u moins de 9%.
It has been possible to make economical transplantation of the autologous non-cultured epidermal suspension containing melanocytes (ANEM) by inoculating it in blisters.
To the Papuan-speaking Anem, Pango's son, Kapimolo is the creator of both Melanesians and Europeans (Thurston 1994 p.
Summary: More than 400,000 young people, including 50% of university graduates, have been inserted in the workplace under the new professional integration supporting device initiated by the state in June 2008, it was learned Sunday from National Agency for Employment (ANEM).
Local trade organization Anem recently sounded the alarm, urging the government to support smaller cinemas, claiming they are the best outlets for domestic and European product.
* ANEM (Association of Independent Electronic Media):
Cette rencontre s'est poursuivie par la tenue d'un workshop anim[euro]u[c] par les directeurs des antennes de Tlemcen de l[euro]uCaANSEJ, ANGEM, CNAC, ANEM, du programme "PAP ENPARD Alg[euro]u[c]rie" et de la F[euro]u[c]d[euro]u[c]ration nationale des jeunes entrepreneurs de Tlemcen.