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ANENTAsian Network for Education in Nuclear Technology
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oThe UAE will be coordinating the entire activities of the ANENT during the one year period from now and will be responsible for ensuing healthy sharing of knowledge between the C members and promoting studies and research in the nuclear field,AEAE a spokesman for the KUSTAR had told Khaleej Times earlier.
consideration to the social costs anent the exclusion of inculpatory
The same objection may be raised in regard to the essay on Shakespeare where the author asks anent Hamlet "Can it be that Hamlet is clinically psychotic and just hearing voices from speakers implanted in his teeth by the CIA?
A Proclamation, Anent the Sumptuary Act, 1684 (Edinburgh, 1684).
Fischer-Dieskau's preference for male singers of 'male' songs is demonstrated by his remark anent Jenny Lind, the 'Swedish Nightingale,' that she sang 'the male Schubert songs with as little compunction as many lady singers after her,' and his (vain) hope that such 'breeches-roles' would no longer be a feature of our concert platforms.
Thompson pointed out in such lapidary fashion anent the English working class's making, class is not a thing: it is a relation.
Hopkins's 'quaint entanglement [of] bestial and angelic' anent an organist: White, p.
Fyllis anent the last and generall point that sho is ane witche and for using and practising of witchcraft and geving hirselff furth to have sick knawledge, abuseing the people and in keiping company and going with the divell, and that they reput and hald hir ane comoun and notorius witche.
Lawyers are subject to discipline when they violate or attempt to violate the Rules of Professional Conduct, knowingly assist or induce another to do so, or do so through the acts of another, as when they request or instruct an anent to do so on the lawyer's behalf.
By this mail I send 2,000 [pounds sterling] Bills of Exchange to Barnard placed at your disposal for the purchase of works of Art & have I fear bored you with a longa & verbosa epistola there anent.
3) "The Church without Walls, Report of the Special Commission anent Reform and Renewal, Reports to the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland 2001, Edinburgh, Church of Scotland, 2001.
anent the irregularities in the narrator's narrative, remarks that come from "outside" the narrative.