ANEPAsociación Nacional de la Empresa Privada (Spanish: National Association of Small Enterprise, El Salvador)
ANEPActive Network Encapsulation Protocol
ANEPAssociation of National Estuary Programs
ANEPAssociazione Nazionale Educazione Prenatale (Italian: National Association of Prenatal Education)
ANEPAllied Naval Engineering Publication
ANEPAssociation of Northwest Environmental Professionals
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Probablemente esta maxima es discutible (Burbules, 2014), ya que, por ejemplo, si analizamos las siete revistas de educacion catalogadas por la ANEP como A+, el porcentaje de articulos publicados no citados, de acuerdo a los datos recogidos por SCIMAGO en el trienio 2010/2012, se situa entre el 50,8% y el 79, 5%, un porcentaje muy elevado.
In August 2008, KISBD was awarded its second ANEP grant, and the extra dollars let Johnson and the district offer stipends to teachers and provide staff development to support distance education.
Alain Gresh, president de l'association des journalistes, specialiste du Maghreb et du Moyen- Orient, journaliste au Monde diplomatique et auteur, a fait revivre, lundi dernier au soir, la memoire de Francois Maspero, le libraire, ecrivain et militant, lors d'une rencontre organisee par ANEP Editions a la salle de conference de la Safex, dans le cadre du Salon international du livre d'Alger (Sila) 2015.
The business sector considers this a setback for our democracy and the reconciliation reached after the signing of peace accords, which say that attempts to prosecute acts that have already been judged violates our own Constitution by failing to respect an amnesty accord," ANEP said in a statement.
Waciny Laredj, universitaire et romancier algerien, a rassure son public, lundi dernier a Alger, au stand des editions ANEP, ou il a assure une seance de vente dedicace de son dernier roman [beaucoup moins que] 2084, el Arabi el Akhir [beaucoup plus grand que], (2084, le dernier Arabe).
It's not fair that those of us who are not responsible for the [socioeconomic] crisis are the ones to keep paying for the crisis," stressed the leader of ANEP, one of the major Costa Rican workers unions, which includes only public-sector employees, since private-sector workers unions are de facto banned by employers.
One day after the winning candidate's speech, ANEP congratulated Chinchilla on her election and said in a communique that the dialogue should cover issues such as salary policy, tributary justice, and workers' rights.
ANEP, the private enterprise association, is comprised of more than 30 business associations, and its president, Ricardo Siman, said ANEP hopes the FMLN will work to generate economic conditions that include "responsibility, equilibrium and sensible governing";
Cote nouveautes, les editions ANEP et l'ENAG ont institue un prix Assia Djebar du roman.
A recent ANEP statement signed by secretary-general Albino Vargas admonishes, "This FTA is generating so much resistance that to insist on its passage is to open the doors of a social conflict of grand dimensions.
ANEP, the country's largest union, is joined by other people-power centers in its plans to give the new president a hard row to hoe.
L'ouvrage, paru aux editions ANEP, est une fiction de 160 pages qui a pour heros Saber, un homme devenu poete apres la perte de sa bien-aimee Kamar, a precise l'ecrivain.