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ANESAnesthesia (medicine)
ANESAmerican National Election Studies (Ann Arbor, MI)
ANESAsociación Nacional de Energía Solar
ANESAmericas Nuclear Energy Symposium
ANESAssociation Neuchâteloise des Etudiants en Sciences
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RESULTS EBP and its components were mentioned 275 times collectively; 44 ANEs specifically mentioned EBP in their teaching philosophies.
Despite the competition Anes reckons Bicknell's now familiar two quarter-back rotation system might even provide the two rivals with extra help.
Anes, now retired, said the work of the forensic scientists at the McCann family's holiday flat in Praia da Luz was in vain.
Hybl had a 19-3 record as starter with Oklahoma and Anes led his college, Grand Valley State, to a Division II Championship in 2002.
The Theory of Compassion Energy was used as the theoretical framework within a community-based participatory approach with the Navajo elders and in the ANE program.
Jarvis Family Climber Species Dispersal Voucher syndrome CGMS APOCYNACEAE Mesechites mansoanus (A.DC.) ANE 41360 Woodson Tassadia berteroana (Spreng.) ANE 41361 W.D.
ANE Mandevilla illustris (Vell.) ANE Woodson Odontadenia lutea (Vell.) ANE Markgr.
Not to be outdone, California's Dell'Arte International is collaborating with Denmark's Jomfru Ane Teatret in a vibrantly physical new work inspired by Gynt.