ANETAAssociazione Nazionale Editori Tessili Arredamento (Italian: National Association of Publishers Furnishing Textiles; Italy)
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Aneta Yordanova died in 2006 from gastrointestinal perforation after swallowing 25 insoles, 8 cloth rags, 3 dishwashing sponges, 6 socks, 3 pieces of paper and 3 stones (3-4 cm in size).
Aneta moved to the UK with her husband and daughter after graduating from university in Poland.
But Aneta, who has posed for Playboy, had a crush on an older dancer.
Office worker Aneta Kicala, 21, from Poland; Unemployed Eric Bullock, 52, of Middlesbrough; Gerald Sullivan, a 39-year-old civil engineer of Middlesbrough; Steven Billon, a 17-year-old student of Middlesbrough; David Whiteland, an 18-year-old floor fitter from Middlesbrough; IT worker John Clarkson, 26, from Leeds
Today The People reveals how Polish mum Aneta Kryszczak banks nearly pounds 1,000 a year for her son even though she still lives in her home country.
It's thought the cash is set to be released soon to Angelika's remaining family, including her sister Aneta and father Wladislaw.
The court hears he struggled to bring up Angelika and his other daughter, Aneta, while holding down a job after the break-up of his marriage.
But a message on the internet by Miss Kluk's sister, Aneta, who lives in Glasgow, has criticised police for not keeping a close on Tobin.
This was her second summer in Glasgow, having visited Scotland the previous year along with her father and older sister Aneta.
His daughter, known as Esti, was taken into care in Portugal after her father's arrest and was reunited with her mother Aneta, 29, in May.
He and Esti disappeared six weeks earlier on the day Mr Clayton's estranged wife, Aneta, was due to apply for custody of their daughter.
The little girl was found safe and well in Portugal last Wednesday and is now back in Wales after being reunited with her mother, Aneta.