ANETAAssociazione Nazionale Editori Tessili Arredamento (Italian: National Association of Publishers Furnishing Textiles; Italy)
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By the time Aneta Ryfczynska's daughter was one year old, she expected her to have taken her first steps.
Aneta Yordanova died in 2006 from gastrointestinal perforation after swallowing 25 insoles, 8 cloth rags, 3 dishwashing sponges, 6 socks, 3 pieces of paper and 3 stones (3-4 cm in size).
Though the 70-minute film, shot over several school terms, is somewhat shapeless, the infectious zest for life of subject Aneta Brodski keeps things together.
Corky Ballas, who looked after the US-born star for a decade, said: "Aneta is beautiful, sexy and stylish," reports News of the World.
Det Insp Andrew Rigby said: "This is the first time that Aneta has been missing from home, and it has now been a week.
Office worker Aneta Kicala, 21, from Poland; Unemployed Eric Bullock, 52, of Middlesbrough; Gerald Sullivan, a 39-year-old civil engineer of Middlesbrough; Steven Billon, a 17-year-old student of Middlesbrough; David Whiteland, an 18-year-old floor fitter from Middlesbrough; IT worker John Clarkson, 26, from Leeds
Aneta almost passed out when she got a letter inviting her to the opening ceremony at St Patrick's, Glasgow, AFTER the event.
He says his daughter loved Scotland since her first visit in June 2004 and her older sister Aneta was also living here.
The woman, identified only as Aneta K, was quoted as saying she was also required to have sex with another party member, lawmaker Stanislaw Lyzwinski.
But a message on the internet by Miss Kluk's sister, Aneta, who lives in Glasgow, has criticised police for not keeping a close on Tobin.
Pictured from the left are Bob Felder of JAY Ministries; AnEta Sewell Spence, director of media and community relations for the South Florida Water Management District; Elsa Waite, president of the F.