ANEVARAsociatia Nationala a Evaluatorilor din Romania (National Association of Romanian Valuers)
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To limit the assignments exclusively to ANEVAR members is discriminatory and to issue valuation formulas works against the market economy.
ANEVAR is an associate member of TEGoVA and has a representative on that Board.
ANEVAR has identified the following characteristics of the new global economy:
George Badescu is the past president (1992-2001) of ANEVAR.
1995: ANEVAR established a fully owned Research Institute on valuation that prepares educational materials and examinations, and publishes books and a monthly bulletin
1996: ANEVAR became a full member of International Valuation Standards Committee (IVSC)
1997: ANEVAR and valuers associations from Poland, Russia, Bulgaria, Slovakia, and Ukraine founded the Central and Eastern European Valuers Associations Network (CEEVAN)
1998: ANEVAR became a Management Board member of IVSC
2000: ANEVAR had representatives on the educational boards for International Valuation Standards Council (IVSC-2000) and for European Valuation Standards (EVS-2000)