ANFAVEAAssociação Nacional dos Fabricantes de Veículos Automotores (National Association of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers; Brazil)
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O estado do Rio de Janeiro responde atualmente por 5,5% da producao veicular nacional (Anfavea, 2016).
Figura 1: Indicador da quantidade de veiculos produzidos no Brasil quantidade de veiculos produzidos 2014 2504117 2015 2017831 Fonte: Elaborado pelo autor atraves de valores obtidos na Anfavea. Note: Table made from bar graph.
New vehicle licensing was up 25 percent to 196,000 vehicles during the period, compared with the year-earlier figure, Anfavea reports.
Over the following 18 years (1956-1974), production of vehicles increased from 30,000 units in 1957 to 859,237 units in 1974 (ANFAVEA, 2016).
The representation of Western automakers is composed by Volkswagen (31%), Fiat (20.8%) and General Motors (17.9%) - the largest in production in Brazil, according to Anfavea (2011).
Sweden-based Volvo heavy trucks has reported a decrease in its sales in Brazil for the month of September 2015, according to data from Brazilian automotive organisation, Anfavea.