ANFCAid to Needy Families with Children
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Average traffic density state estimated using ANFC Route Estimated Traffic Density State T=6-7 AM T=10-11 AM T=2-3 PM T=4-6 PM T=9-10 PM Route 1 L H AM VH AM Route 2 VL H AM AM AM Route 3 VL AM M H M Route 4 L M BM VL BM Route 5 L AM M M H Route 6 BM H AM L AM Route 7 L AM M BM BM Table 2.
Over the past 10 years the ANFC has almost doubled in size, and new species are being discovered at a faster rate today than at any time over the previous 200 years.
There are more fishing boats in remote zones now, and we're frequently receiving fish that are new to science,' ANFC taxonomist Gordon Yearsley says.
Meanwhile, the ANFC is fortunate to have a small group of younger members who will help carry fish taxonomy into the 21st century.