ANFCAid to Needy Families with Children
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The variables visual injury and grain yield were conducted in a factorial arrangement 3 x 17, where three cultivars of common beans were sowed: 'ANfc 9', 'IPR Uirapuru' and 'BRS Estilo', and 17 treatments were tested: imazamox+bentazon (28+600g a.i.
Cultivars responded similarly to this variable, but the cultivar 'ANfc 9' have shown to be more resilient to ALS herbicides.
This phenomenon was observed in this experiment with the treatment imazamox+bentazon in all the cultivars, cloransulam+bentazon in the cultivar 'ANfc 9' and 'IPR Uirapuru', which had lower visual injury compared to cloransulam alone (Table 2).
Average traffic density state is estimated using ANFC (refer Table 1) for traffic density states (VL: Very Low, L: Low, BM: Below Medium, M: Medium, AM: Above Medium, H: High and VH: Very High) for time span of 6-7 AM, 10-11 AM, 2-3 PM, 4-6 PM, 9-10 PM over seven different route segments (Ref.
Average traffic density state estimated using ANFC Route Estimated Traffic Density State T=6-7 AM T=10-11 AM T=2-3 PM T=4-6 PM T=9-10 PM Route 1 L H AM VH AM Route 2 VL H AM AM AM Route 3 VL AM M H M Route 4 L M BM VL BM Route 5 L AM M M H Route 6 BM H AM L AM Route 7 L AM M BM BM Table 2.
In general, an ANFC contains input vectors, membership function, normalization, output layers, and of course fuzzification and defuzzification processes.
In order to improve the classification accuracy, a new layer was added into the ANFC structure.
'Handfishes have provided an ongoing curiosity for artists and natural historians, particularly in the 19th century,' says ANFC curator, Peter Last.
* Percent of children ages 5-17 in families receiving welfare (ANFC) (by county and SU)
* Percent of adults (ages 18+) receiving welfare (ANFC) (by county and SU)
Without the efforts and expertise of taxonomists such as Graham, ANFC curator Dr Peter Last, and their colleagues, many such intrigues of the deep would remain sealed in their alcoholic tombs.
Since the ANFC's foundation by lan Munro in 1943, some 1 35 000 finfish specimens representing more than 3000 species, have been collected.