ANFHAssociation Nationale pour la Formation Permanente du Personnel Hospitalier (French)
ANFHAvascular Necrosis of Femoral Head
ANFHAnastomotic Neointimal Fibrous Hyperplasia (cardiovascular medicine)
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A 30-year-old woman (IV[sub]6) from the southern region of Henan Province of China came to our institution for genetic consulting when she was pregnant because she was diagnosed with ANFH at 26 years of age and six other members of her family had ANFH.
Individuals II[sub]5, III[sub]2, III[sub]4, IV[sub]2, IV[sub]7, and IV[sub]8 were diagnosed with ANFH at 83, 54, 50, 31, 19, and 19 years of age, respectively.
The heterozygous mutation of COMP was co-segregated with phenotype in this family, indicating that the diagnosis of this family's disease should be MED rather than ANFH.
In the case of the pregnant patient seeking genetic counseling for prenatal diagnosis, it was taken into account that the phenotype of ANFH overlaps among many genes.
sup][27],[28],[29] Therefore, the closed group which includes 31 cases presented higher nonunion, ANFH rate and lower Harris Hip Score (8 cases account for 25.
So the open group including 30 cases presented lower nonunion, ANFH rate and higher Harris Hip Score (1 case accounts for 3.
And it also can reduce the intracapsular pressure and decrease the risk of ANFH.
This method can increase fracture healing rate and decline the risks of ANFH in young adults.
Total quantity or scope: Headquarters ANFH and its regional delegations in metropolitan France and Corsica.