ANFIAAssociazione Nazionale Fra Industrie Automobilistiche (National Association of the Automobile Industry; Torino, Italy)
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"The Italian Automotive Production 3, registers in March a trend of decrease of 9.8%, which follows the slowdown already registered in the previous two months of 2019 and in the last trimester of 2018--says Gianmarco Giorda, Director of ANFIA.
Sfortec Industry: Promoted by CIS-Interassociative Subcontracting Committee, Ucimu-Sistemi Per Produrre and ANFIA, - Italian Association of the Automotive Industry, now officially belonging to the Committee - "Sfortec Industry" was the area organised in cooperation with CDO-Compagnia delle Opere and dedicated to technical subcontracting and services for the manufacturing industry.
The ANFIA initiative was authorised by Italy's Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport in July 2008.
122 Associazione nazionale fra le industrie automobilistiche (ANFIA), L'automobile in cifre, (Torino, 1959).
In another exclusive premier by the ANFIA banner, the I.DE.A Institute revealed a restyled version of a previous concept under the label of Futura.
Anfia, made up of 270 companies engaged in the automobile industry, including luxury buses, has four members represented at the exhibition.
Following the success of the first edition, the Gruppo Carrozzieri Autovetture - ANFIA - Associazione Nazionale Filiera Industria Automobilistica (the Italian Association of the Automotive Industry) -- will make the collective presentation of 'Made in Italy' at QMS with some classics as well as interesting
Michetti confirmed the partnership with Car Coachbuilders Group of the ANFIA (the Italian National Car Industry Supply Chain Association) again for 2012.
ANFIA - the Italian Association of the Automotive Industry - is one of the main Trade Associations within the Confederation of Italian Industry and is the networking and strategic benchmark between the automotive trade and the Italian and international political and institutional scene.
ANFIA was founded in Turin in 1912 and in the course of 100 years its activities have developed in parallel with the spread of the motor-car in Italy.
Crowds also thronged to the initiative promoted in collaboration with the the Car Coachbuilders Group of ANFIA, the Italian Association of the Automotive Industry.
19 -- The First International Edition of the Qatar Motor Show scheduled from 26 to 29 January 2011 will be an important showcase for eight Italian car designers who will exhibit their creations in a 'collective' of Italian-made creations promoted in collaboration with the Gruppo Carrozzieri Autovetture (Car Coachbuilders) of ANFIA -Italian Association of the Automotive Industry .