ANFRAgence Nationale des Fréquences (French Radio Spectrum Assignment Authorities)
ANFRAdvance Notice of Final Rulemaking (Pennsylvania)
ANFRAverage Near-Far Resistance
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Em relacao aos sintomas da antracnose nos frutos (ANFR), os acessos altamente suscetiveis, com notas variando de 3,60 a 3,80, sao de P edulis.
Variaveis(1) Valor do teste Valor p (2) VIFO 1,764 0,000* VIFR 1,302 0,059ns VIPL 1,551 0,000* VEFR 1,472 0,000* VERA 1,267 0,000* ANFR 2,475 0,000* (1) VIFO, VIFR e VIPL = severidade da virose nas folhas, frutos e distribuicao na planta, respectivamente; VEFR e VERA = severidade da verrugose nos frutos e ramos, respectivamente; ANFR = severidade da antracnose no fruto, (2) probabilidade do erro (p< 0,05); ns = nao significativo.
Gilles BREGANT: The Agence nationale des Frequences (ANFR) is the French public Agency in charge of radio spectrum management.
ANFR has been deeply involved for the development of European harmonized conditions for the usage of 4G and is currently mobilized to make a success for the introduction of this new technology.
ANFR uses its resources devoted to the protection of TV reception so that the 4G 800 MHz and TNT coexist harmoniously.
The ANFR intervenes at every stage of the deployment:
ANFR, as it manages the entire spectrum and guaranties technical neutrality, is coordinating the preparatory work at the national and international levels.
ANFR is also an active member of the RSPG ad hoc group, which will provide recommendation to European Commission on WRC issues and on the identification of 1200 MHz for wireless broadband.
ANFR engineers are actively participating in European works, at the ECC level for instance, on this issue, which is still in its early stages.