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ANFSAutonomic Nervous Function Score
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The ISBs appeared as a dense meshwork of neuronal processes around the basal poles of the IHCs (Figures 2(b)-2(e)), and these mostly included radially directed dendritic terminals of afferent type I ANFs and the efferent fibers [27, 30].
To optimize the fuzzy interface module an optimization process is done which includes three stages: Data preparations stage, ANFS stage, and GA stage.
Higher GW of birds fed CWCC-based diets than the control may reflect the extra muscular work required to process these former diets which were relatively higher in fibre and contained ANFs. The GW has been linked to the type of diets consumed especially high fibre particle [26].The values of glucose obtained in all treatments were similar to the control, the total protein (5.20-6.90 g/dl) and albumin (2.10-3.45g/dl) fell within the recommended for normal chickens [13].
More research is needed to investigate the effects of alternative protein sources, and their constituent ANFs, on the GIT of greenlip abalone.
Proceedings of the Firts International Workshop on 'Antinutritional Factors (ANF) in Legume Seeds'.
However, one of the most limiting factors on the use of soybean meal (SBM) is the presence of anti-nutritional factors (ANFs) not removed by the commercial extraction processes.
Poel (ed.) International Workshop on Antinutritional Factors (ANFs) in legume seeds.
(2007) on Niger forage, the OM degradability is quite low in legume forage compared to grass (mean values: 56.5% vs 68.4%, respectively), probably due to the high lignin content (mean values: 15.21% vs 10.77% DM, respectively) especially in some samples (Cajanus, Chamaecrista, Mucuna, Stylosanthes scabra), associated with the anti-nutritional factors (ANFs) (Adjolohoun et al., 2008).