ANFSAnimal and Food Sciences
ANFSAmerica-Nepal Friendship Society (New York, NY)
ANFSAircraft Network and File Server (Airlines Electronic Engineering Committee)
ANFSAutonomic Nervous Function Score
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To optimize the fuzzy interface module an optimization process is done which includes three stages: Data preparations stage, ANFS stage, and GA stage.
As mentioned even with the use of ANFS system the resulting fuzzy interface system is not optimum because of the use of ANN, so genetic algorithm was used as an optimization tool.
The other simulator was MATLAB, which used in the ANFS stage, and GA stage in the optimized proposed algorithm, the last simulator used is the QFUZZYLITE, which used to encode the fuzzy interface system into a C++ code to be added into the IDS in OMNET++.
Jones Naughton operated the Real Estate Television Network as a wholly-owned subsidiary until agreeing to sell the network to AmeriNet in 1996 for ANFS stock, valued at the time at over $5 Million.
In February of 1997, ANFS issued the initial 1 million shares of preferred ANFS stock, a partial payment of the total shares owed to Jones Naughton.
Conliffe Investor Relations Contact: Richard Ward Business number: 573-443-7606 Trading Symbol/ Exchange: ANFS / NASD BB Industry: Real Estate
AmeriNet is a NASD stock trading by appointment under the symbol ANFS.