ANGDAAlaska Natural Gas Development Authority
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At ANGDA, which no longer exists, Pease directed the overall communications strategy for the public and the Legislature for a proposed in-state gas pipeline project.
executive and also a former State resources commissioner, is the CEO of ANGDA, which was formed by a Statewide ballot initiative in 2002 with a directive to work on a Valdez LNG project and, secondarily, to facilitate getting natural gas to Alaska communities.
ANGDA commissioned a study of what it might take to rebuild and expand the existing LNG plant.
However, once an applicant has either pre-filed with FERC under ANGDA or with BLM under ANGTA, the OFC is obligated to pursue expeditious handling of the permits, grants and certificates necessary to commercialize Alaska's North Slope gas.
So ANGDA is exploring this separate propane project as a way to provide a lower-cost fuel alternative to rural Alaskans for space heating, electrical generation and cooking, Heinze said.
The state has set upon a course which ANGDA CEO Harold Heinze says will be determined within 18 months; possibly as quickly as January 2008, said the newsletter.
Left to right after opening the bids: Kaye Laughlin, ANGDA consultant and permitting coordinator; Corrie Young, ANGDA administrative officer and board secretary-treasurer; Dennis Gnath, Alaska Department of Natural Resources Joint Pipeline Office habitat specialist; and, ANGDA CEO Harold Heinze.
The Alaska Gasline Port Authority (AGPA) and the Alaska Natural Gas Development Authority (ANGDA) recently formalized a relationship between the two voter-approved entities via a Memorandum of Understanding.
The Port Authority, like ANGDA, has voter approval, but more importantly it also has a signed development and purchase contract from San Diego-based Sempra Energy, the second-largest energy provider in North America, and permits in hand from Yukon Pacific, which are necessary to build the line.
If earlier is better than later for Alaska, will you support the ANGDA line ahead of the highway line?
To prepare the report, ANGDA retained the services of a number of qualified consultant companies to assist it in bringing forth facts that, eventually, may help Alaska's Legislature decide how best to market 35 trillion cubic feet of proven and 211 additional trillion cubic feet of undiscovered but recoverable natural gas.