ANGLICOAir Naval Gunfire Liaison Company (US Marine Corps)
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Special Operations Command and a broader use of ANGLICO units represent fiscally responsible solutions for the Marine Corps-SOF integration dilemma.
De la conocida obra de Anglico se conservan, como hemos apuntado, dos traducciones independientes; la primera desde el punto de vista cronologico es anonima y la conocemos por un unico testimonio, el del manuscrito Additional 30037 de la British Library; el texto no aporta ningun dato y, aunque el manuscrito es del siglo XV, la traduccion, por los rasgos linguisticos que presenta, es anterior, posiblemente del xiv.
The officer is said to have been with a team called Anglico whose job was to liaise with Col Collins over attacks.
ANGLICO personnel provide fire support for allied military units.
uoluntarius in lege, binas uel ternas metretas sicut in utre, ad potus equales Anglico more se obligat ex amore').
Sir John Morton of York bequeathed to Joan in 1431 `unum librum de Anglico vocatum Gower pro remembraneia', and Hoccleve dedicated a work written `in honur and plesance of yow ladyes' to Joan.
Colonel Estilow commanded 1st ANGLICO and served as an advisor to the Royal Saudi Marine Corps during Desert Storm.
The day after the election, the bishops elected a pastoral commission more heavily weighted than before to the progressive line: It includes the outspoken Ivo Lorscheitter, Anglico Bernadino, Marcelo Cavalheira and Erwin Krutler.
1ST ANGLICO - June 11-17, 2012, Cleveland, Ohio, Contact; John Maurer, (614) 262-9200, Email: jmaurer@columbus.
1ST ANGLICO - June 3-5, 2010, Quantico, Virginia, John Maurer, Phone:(614) 262-9002, Email:jmaurer@columbus.
6th Marines and 2nd Anglico Fleet Marine Force, Atlantic, he served with the 6th Fleet in the Mediterranean.
1ST ANGLICO, May 28-31, 2004, Columbus, Ohio, Contact John Maurer, Phone (614) 262-9002, Email jmaurer@columbus.