ANGOCAsian NGO Colalition (for Agrarian and Rural Development; Quezon City, Philippines)
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Like ANGOC, moreover, the PPSEAWA interacts extensively within other groups; for example, the PPSEAWA in Fiji participated in a workshop facilitated by the Pacific Foundation for the Development of Women, which was opened by the Director of the UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) Pacific Centre.
In so doing, however, it engages explicitly in a transnational approach to specific issue areas, such as human trafficking, by instating principles of the UN and by eschewing the national agenda preferred by ANGOC and Forum-Asia.
92) As ANGOCs headquarters are based in the Philippines, there is frequently a focus on the need to liaise with, lobby and target the government in Manila, as for example with the 2007 conference on ODA (official development assistance) reform (held in Quezon City) and the 2007 regional policy dialogue on agrarian reform (held in Manila).