ANGOCAsian NGO Colalition (for Agrarian and Rural Development; Quezon City, Philippines)
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Despite that initial external stimulus, ANGOC has been sustained through personal relations and through a practice of pinpointing identifiable, discrete areas for campaigning.
The space inhabited by ANGOC is not an exclusive one.
Finally, the discourse of the transnational is rarely employed by ANGOC representatives, which does not refer to itself as a "transnational" organization.
Like ANGOC, moreover, the PPSEAWA interacts extensively within other groups; for example, the PPSEAWA in Fiji participated in a workshop facilitated by the Pacific Foundation for the Development of Women, which was opened by the Director of the UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) Pacific Centre.
As is the case for ANGOC, the PPSEAWA is not bounded in terms of membership and seeks to establish connections with and participation in other groups.