ANGOPAngola Press Agency
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The air transport company of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Emirates Airlines, is satisfied with its first year of operations in Angola, the Angolan News Agency, ANGOP, reported, quoting officials of the airline.
Presently, coffee in Angola, is majorly grown in the regions of Uige (north) and Cuanza Sul (centre-west), however, ANGOP has learnt that the growth of this item will soon mount the central regions of Huambo and Bie.
The Zambian ambassador to Angola, Marina Nsingo, has emp hasized the need to reopen the Benguela railway, linking the two countries, in o r der to relaunch trade cooperation, PANA reported, quoting a report in the Angola n news agency, ANGOP, Monday.
A communique has been obtained by ANGOP about the deal and that a contract for three years had been signed, although few other details were available.
ANGOP learned that most of the agreements are link to services, civil engineering, industry and trade.