ANGSAir National Guard Station
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Moffett Field, ANG, DSN 359-9333, commercial 650-603-9333.
Klamath Falls Airport-Kingsley Field, ANG, DSN 830-6198, commercial 541-885-6198.
Portland IAP, ANG, DSN 638-4000, commercial 503-335-4000.
Fresno ANGB, ANG, DSN: 949-9100, commercial 559-454-5100.
March ARB, ANG, AFRC, DSN 447-1110, commercial 951-655-1110.
Sky Harbor IAP, ANG, DSN 853-9000, commercial 602-302-9000.
Niece of Salvatore "Sally Dogs" Lombardi, Big Ang has proven she can handle the heat from the gangsters.
Big Ang holds family close to her heart and her relationships have proven that friendship and family go hand-in-hand.
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I, along with everyone I know and our viewers, fell in love with Big Ang from the very first moment we saw her on screen in 'Mob Wives,'" said Jeff Olde, EVP Original Programming and Production.
I've known Big Ang since I was a kid and can always remember thinking, 'this woman is a star
Lev Zaidenberg, CEO of Energtek, commented, "With the ground breaking achievement, Energtek solidifies the assertions made by industry insiders as being the 'world leader in ANG technology'.