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Evacuees had fled to the nearby barangay of Taglibi,' Angsa said.
We were informed a one-year-old child killed in the encounter,' Angsa said.
'The number (of evacuees) keep on rising due to the ongoing military operation in nearby barangays, especially in Upper Latih, Bungkaung, Maligay and in Sitio Kantitap in Barangay Buhanginan,' Angsa said.
They fear being mistaken for members of the Abu (Sayyaf),' Angsa said.
Table-1 Specifications, uses, brands and producers of wheat flour Brands Producers High protein Medium protein Low protein Bogasari Cakra Kembar Segitiga Kunci Biru/Roda Emas, Kereta Biru/Gunung Biru, Lencana Kencana Emas Bromo, Segitiga Merah/Semar, Merah, kastil, Koki (Bogasari) Angsa Kembar, Piramida/Kendi EP Gunung Kompas (EP), Gembok, Gatotkaca Sriboga Tali Mas Beruang Biru, Pita Merah, Naga Naga Biru Merah Panganmas Kantil Melati, Soka Raflesia Import Kapal, Layer, Dolphin, 3 Lumba- Australia Map, Olagafood, Kuala lumba, Panda, Policeman, Merah Frog, Little House, Sun Kancil, Kambing, Stonsgman, Brand, XYP, Eacoast, Blue Diamond Kookabura, etc.
'[The evacuees] were brought down [from the hills to Barangay Lower Latih] in a preemptive operation,' Angsa said.
Angsa recommends that the procedure be carried out in the operating room, saying, "The dressing should be done in the operating room since it is very painful because it involves the dressing of their whole body and they need general anesthesia."
Legal action will be taken if Angsa Dunia product of GI sheets are still found in the market after a given time.
Other big players in this industry include PT Mulia Keramik Indahraya (Grup Mulia) with an annual capacity to produce 29 million m,2 of floor tiles and 17 million m2 of wall tiles using the brand names of "Mulia Keramik", PT Senrico Djaja Marmer Industries of the Manunggal Sempurna Group with brand of "Super Italia", PT Angsa Daya of the Kedaung group with the brand of "IKAD", PT Metropole Megah/PT Satyaraya Keramindo Indah of the Satya Djaja group using the brand of "Roman & Royal" and PT Asia Victory Industries Ltd from East Java with its brand of "Asia Tile".
PT Angsa Daya is a PMDN of the Kedaung Group, which is better known as a producer of glassware.
Table- 10 Brands of wheat flour with protein content on the domestic market, 2000 Producers High protein content Medium protein content PT ISM Bogasari Cakra Kembar Emas Segitiga Biru Cakra Kembar Segitiga Merah Piramida PT Berdikari SU Gunung Kompas PT Sriboga Raya Tali Mas Beruang Biru Naga Biru PT Panganmas IP Kantil Melati Soka Imports Deer Kuda Terbang Blue Diamond Kancil, Matahari, Balina, Saba, Rose, Falcon, Kambing, Jumbo, Snowman, Kelinci, Magnum, Gold Coin Yellow, Burung, Ausralia Map, Kupukupu, Golden Camel, Obor Producers Low protein content PT ISM Bogasari Kunci Biru Lencana Merah PT Berdikari SU Gembok Gatotkaca PT Sriboga Raya Pita Merah Naga Merah PT Panganmas IP Raflesia Imports Gold Coin Green Angsa Dua Bagus
The other big players in Indonesia's ceramic tile industry are as follows: PT Mulia Keramik Indahraya (of the Mulia Group), which has a capacity to produce 29 million square meters of floor tiles and 17 million square meters of wall tiles per annum and markets its products under brand name "Mulia Keramik"; PT Senrico Djaja Mariner Industries (of the Manunggal Sempurna Group) with its "Super Italia" products; PT Angsa Daya (of the Kedaung Group) with its "IKAD" products; PT Metropole Megah/PT Satyaraya Keramindo Indah (of the Satya Djaja Group) with its "Roman" and "Royal" products; and PT Asia Victory Industry Ltd.