ANGTSAlaska Natural Gas Transportation System
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the ANGTS route for the originally approved project.
My contention then, as it is now, was that ANGTS project should be costed out on its own merits; that the criteria to be used in the design of a chilled gas pipeline are entirely different to that used for a heated oil pipeline--TAPS.
The Alaskan section of ANGTS, on the other hand, was going to transport gas chilled to 31 degrees E Hot oil vs.
Another point that escaped attention of the ANGTS project team was that the TAPS project had experienced massive cost overruns.
By January 1992, the federal inspector for the ANGTS recommended abandonment of the entire ANGTS legal infrastructure; however President George Bush rejected the federal inspector's recommendation to scrap the plan and instead closed down the office of the federal inspector and transferred authority over the ANGTS to the U.
Foothills operates the pre-built ANGTS facilities in Canada and delivers approximately one-third of all Canadian exports to the United States.
When the Alaska portion of ANGTS was delayed, and ultimately indefinitely postponed in the early 1980s, Gov.
Canada could be said to have gotten the better of us in the ANGTS exercise.
The ANGTS lesson from the prebuild legs must be kept in mind.
The Canadian and American sponsors of the ANGTS are now turning their collective attention to developing commercial proposals and negotiating with prospective shippers and investors, including the Alaska North Slope producers -- Phillips, BP and ExxonMobil -- and the State of Alaska.