ANGTSAlaska Natural Gas Transportation System
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The Alaskan section of ANGTS, on the other hand, was going to transport gas chilled to 31 degrees E Hot oil vs.
Another point that escaped attention of the ANGTS project team was that the TAPS project had experienced massive cost overruns.
To address these concerns, a chilled gas mode of transportation was selected for ANGTS.
Foothills operates the pre-built ANGTS facilities in Canada and delivers approximately one-third of all Canadian exports to the United States.
The ANGTS route has been approved in both the United States and Canada, and is the subject of an international treaty between the Canadian and US governments.
The Prebuild (Phase I) portion of the ANGTS moves about 30 per cent of all Canadian natural gas exports to the United States.
When the Alaska portion of ANGTS was delayed, and ultimately indefinitely postponed in the early 1980s, Gov.
Canada could be said to have gotten the better of us in the ANGTS exercise.
Pierce also emphasized that a key advantage of the ANGTS is environmental.
Following the hearing, Mirosh reiterated that, "the ANGTS has a substantial timing advantage to move Alaskan gas along its route because it holds several key statutory permits in both Canada and the United States.
Foothills Pipe Lines is the Canadian sponsor of the ANGTS and a partner in the Alaskan segment of the project.
The ANGTS system will provide significant national and regional economic benefits in both Canada and the United States, particularly Alaska, Yukon, Northern British Columbia, and to the Northwest Territories with a shipment of Mackenzie Delta gas via pipeline along the Dempster Highway,'' said Mr.