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ANHAll Nippon Helicopter (airline, Japan)
ANHAlliance for Natural Health
ANHAbsolutely No Heat (oil processing)
ANHAnhang (German: Appendix; used in designating Beethoven's music)
ANHA New Hope
ANHA New Hope (aka Star Wars Episode 4)
ANHAcute Normovolemic Hemodilution (cardiology)
ANHAgencia Nacional de Hidrocarburos (Colombia)
ANHAnworth Mortgage Asset Corporation (Santa Monica, CA)
ANHartificial nutrition and hydration
ANHAsuris Northwest Health (insurance; Spokane, WA)
ANHAtrial Natriuretic Hormone
ANHAcademia Nacional de la Historia (República Argentina)
ANHAccess Node Hub
ANHAssociation of Neighbourhood Houses (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
ANHAgence Nationale de l'Habitat (French: National Housing Agency)
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Many state statutes allow for the discontinuation of ANH under specified conditions.
Of these, 60% (43/72) of pyeloplasties had symptomatic indications for surgery, while 40% (29/72) of renal units were asymptomatic and undergoing radiographic surveillance for their ANH.
According to the ANH, this would avoid the totally irrational situations that the Food Supplements Directive would otherwise create.
The contracts will be signed once the ANH re initiates the corresponding process, which requires a prior determination by environmental officials regarding the necessary conditions for carrying out exploratory activities in the areas where the blocks are located.
On appeal by a third party, ANH has ruled that Putumayo 12 Block be awarded to the undisclosed third party.
The ANH has released its critique on the study by Dr.
But the doctors' watchdog organisation today won a ruling that reversed those findings in a judgement which stressed that doctors never had the power to withdraw ANH against the wishes of a patient.
Backing a GMC bid to reverse the ruling, the health department claimed that if a right to ANH was established, patients would be able to demand other life-prolonging treatments.
Samarium has the right, prior to receiving ANH approval of the transfer of the Participating Interest, to terminate the Agreement at its sole, reasonable discretion should it determine that ANH cannot or will not grant an extension to the PUT-14 Contract of at least 9 months from 7th November 2017.
This response addressed the numerous areas in which Range and the consortium object to the demand which was received from ANH.