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ANHAlliance for Natural Health
ANHAnhang (German: Appendix; used in designating Beethoven's music)
ANHA New Hope
ANHA New Hope (aka Star Wars Episode 4)
ANHAgencia Nacional de Hidrocarburos (Colombia)
ANHAnworth Mortgage Asset Corporation (Santa Monica, CA)
ANHartificial nutrition and hydration
ANHAtrial Natriuretic Hormone
ANHAcademia Nacional de la Historia (República Argentina)
ANHAccess Node Hub
ANHAssociation of Neighbourhood Houses (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
ANHAgence Nationale de l'Habitat (French: National Housing Agency)
ANHAsuris Northwest Health (insurance; Spokane, WA)
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Of these, 60% (43/72) of pyeloplasties had symptomatic indications for surgery, while 40% (29/72) of renal units were asymptomatic and undergoing radiographic surveillance for their ANH.
Robert Verkerk, scientific director of ANH, said: "Diet is the single biggest factor contributing to cancer, and there is a rapidly growing body of both research and clinical evidence to show that concentrated forms of nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, and botanicals, are invaluable in cancer prevention.
We continue to argue that there are unacknowledged shifts in the teaching on ANH over the last several decades.
A spokesman said that as the law now stands, Mr Burke's lawyers would be forced back to court to request ANH if he loses capacity.
Mr Burke, of Lancaster, who suffers from cerebellar ataxia, was in court in his wheelchair yesterday listening to the arguments for overturning the ruling which he believes will save him from death by starvation, or thirst if ANH was withdrawn after he loses the ability to communicate.
The company's original interest in the Maranta block covered an area of 90,459 acres (36,608 hectares), which was reduced to 45,230 acres after contractual relinquishment of a portion of the exploration area on August 24, 2010, a procedure that is currently being processed within ANH protocols.
It is expected that Petronorte will sign an exploration and production ("E&P") contract with ANH in early 2009.
Emerald has filed a request with the ANH for the assignment of the 20% working interest in the Maranta block to La Cortez.
Ecopetrol has offered ANH an investment of US$8 million for exploration activities in this block.
The advertised here measure essentially comprises services for mechanical / process and procedural equipment following new parts of the plant - Construction of two digesters (FB1 + 2),- Construction of a new building machines (MAH) with stair tower (TRT),- Construction of a receiving hall (ANH) with co-substrate receiving station,- Construction of connecting walk-tube channels between MAH and ANH (RKK) and between MAH and the existing sludge dewatering (RKN).
On February 22, 2006, The Wall Street Journal reported in a story that the data available to defendants from an ANH clinical trial using PolyHeme, but not to the public, revealed the following: